Vegas 4 and Sound Forge 7 integration question

MRe wrote on 11/30/2003, 10:48 PM

I've Vegas 4.0e and I've been looking for a good sound editor which would
integrate to it seamlessly. I installed SF 6 demo and it worked very nicely
(actually I installed SF 6 before installing Vegas and Vegas immediately
recognized that I had it installed and suggested it to be the audio editor).
The combo worked like charm: when I hit ctrl-e on a soundtrack it opened SF
6 and imported the file there. When I was through the editing I just closed
the application and the file got saved and presto: I had the edited avi in
Vegas (it replaced the original file automatically, this is at least how I
remember it).

Then I unistalled version 6 and installed version 7, also a demo version and
changed the audio editor in Vegas preferences. Now when I start SF 7 from
Vegas by pressing ctrl-e and edit the audio and try to close the
application, it opens "save as" dialog and asks me to save the file. If I
just save it as AVI the file is no more recognized by Vegas. It is 10 times
bigger than the original one and Vegas won't play it anymore (Windows Media
Player can still play the clip, though).

It seems that Sound Forge cannot get the project (or file) properties
correctly from Vegas and changes the AVI somehow during the save. I
re-installed SF again but without any success.

Am I missing something here?


Matti Remonen