Vegas 6.0 and M-Audio Delta 1010

sticko wrote on 8/6/2007, 11:50 AM
Just purchased a Delta 1010 for my WinXp PC. I'm running Vegas 6.0 and I have yet to really figure out how to set up the right sort of monitoring/recording/playback situation. I'm wondering if anyone using the Delta 1010 w/Vegas could tell me how they set it up, in terms of the audio device tab in Vegas, the monitor/control panel tab for the 1010, and the sounds and audio in the PC control panel.

Right now, I have to right click on record inputs, and then select Input Monitor "on" to hear anything I'm playing into the 1010. If a track is not record enabled, I can't hear what I'm playing. Then when I hit play or record, the enabled track that I'm hearing sounds like it has a ring modulator on it. When I play back what I've recorded, it sounds normal. Right now, I'm running outputs 1 and 2 into inputs 1 and 2 of a mixer. The mixer feeds my powered monitors.

Also, any sessions that I recorded previously(going from a mixer straight into my soundblaster live sound card, terrible I know), sounds very glitchy.

Really, I'm just looking for the right settings to use in terms of the Vegas audio device and recording properties options, the Delta 1010 control panel, as well as the audio on my PC.

Thanks for any help.



JoeMess wrote on 8/7/2007, 12:58 PM

I have a Delta 1010 that I use on my primary machine for Vegas work at home. (Currently using Vegas 7e) You do have to enable input monitoring to hear what you are recording, while recording. I have gotten into the habit of running the M-Audio control panel on my secondary monitor so I can tweak settings as I go. You want to be using the ASIO driver for it to get low latency. I have a few different pre-Delta 1010 solutions for amp modeling etc. When I record these devices I switch the 1010 from sending the monitor mix to outputs 1 and 2 to a hard path of channels 1 and 2 to the labeled outputs. This allows me to hear only the processed audio so I know what the I am commiting to disc.

As far as glitchy playback with your SB recordings. Make sure that you are not trying to have your setup do sample rate conversion on the fly. Either set your 1010 to the sampling rate you recorded the SB files at when working with them, or run a batch job in Vegas to up sample them to 96k for native use at the 1010s top range. Either should cure your problem.

As far as the ring modulator effect. I would double check that. I had to have the logic board on my 1010 changed out a couple of years ago because I lost one of the ADCs. The sound was sort of RIng Modulator-y. You may have a defective unit.

sticko wrote on 8/7/2007, 1:51 PM
Thanks so much for your input Joe. Right now, the ring mod noise is my biggest problem. I've been on the phone for several hours with the good people at Sweetwater(great tech support) and we couldn't find ANY way to fix that problem. I updated to Vegas 6d, reinstalled the M-Audio drivers and all that.

I'm going to fwd the info about you having the logic board changed out to the Sweetwater forms.

drbam wrote on 8/7/2007, 5:30 PM
The "ring mod" noise is most likely a feedback loop. Check your recording/playback/monitor routings to see if anything's routed back into another input. Other than that I can't really comment.