Vegas 6 summary so far

Rednroll wrote on 4/19/2005, 11:34 PM
If you've been keeping score of all the posts regarding Vegas 6, here's my summary of the new features status so far.
Also, I heard if you if you hold the SHIFT key, and then go to the menu item OPTIONS>PREFERENCES>INTERNAL TAB, while having your tongue firmly pressed against your video monitor and then set the interal preference of "Revert Back to Vegas 5" set to TRUE, then most of these problems are cleared up.

New Features:
1. Comprehensive HDV support optimized for the new Sony HVR-Z1U and HDR-FX1 cameras and the HVR-M1OU HDV VTR deck
-Previous Cineform is better
Reference Post:

2. SD/HD SDI capture, editing and export using Blackmagic Design DeckLink™ boards
-Doesn't work properly and not fully functional
Reference Posts:

3. Enhanced multi-processor support resulting in faster renders
-seems to be debatable, the jury is split
Reference Posts:

4. Superior frame rate conversions (ie. 1080i to 720-24p and 1080-24p WMV HD)
-Status unknown

5. Next-generation DVI/VGA external monitoring tools
-Monitoring on VGA/DVI monitor works great.
Rerence Posts:

6. Project nesting
-Causes major performance hit, nesting a project within a project compared to playing the original project by itself causes slow playback.
Reference Posts:

7. AAF import/export
-Doesn't function properly
Reference Posts:

8. System-wide media asset management
-Causes lock ups,a performance hit, security risk concerns,inaccurate preview icons.
Reference Posts:

9. VST audio effect support
-Still trying to figure the feature out and find the free VST plugs on the net.
Reference Posts:

10. Broadcast WAV (BWF) import and arrange
-Import only disappointment, functional status unkinown

11. Playhead timeline scrubbing
-Not functioning properly
Reference Posts:

12. Editing enhancements
-Still being looked for and still problematic
Reference Posts:


SimonW wrote on 4/20/2005, 1:18 AM
No mxf support.
RBartlett wrote on 4/20/2005, 2:46 AM
No complaints so far. Definitely glad to have gone from V4+DVDA1 to V6+DVDA3.

Presuming that the video pipeline engine (and included FX) are 8bit RGB oriented - despite the digitised sources remaining YUY2 8bit in almost all tape and hose provided formats.

(8bit YUV takes some scaling to fit into an 8bit RGB format which VegasVideo3 and Vegas4 did fine, but by Vegas6 with closer links to XPRI, one might expect enough latitude to do more than pass 8bit YUV when untouched)

I'd be pleased to hear that the engine has been enhanced further just not bullet-pointed as a new capability.
FuTz wrote on 4/20/2005, 6:11 AM
Futz :
Status unknown. Scared as hell of messing things up.
New features not applicable (still working with DV, no HD).
Will continue to render overnight with V5.
Not buying the upgrade until everything seems to be fixed (will not even give a hit at the trial/beta version).
Nat wrote on 4/20/2005, 6:14 AM
Monitoring on VGA/DVI monitor works great.
rcrawfor42 wrote on 4/20/2005, 6:43 AM
Multithreaded rendering seems to work as expected, if you have a CPU that can do (meaningful) multi-threading. It doesn't help much (if at all) on a single-processor system, and the jury's still out on hyperthreading, but neither of those cases surprises me that much.
norgeworks wrote on 4/20/2005, 8:34 AM
thanks for compiling this list. I'll add to it in the days to come.
p@mast3rs wrote on 4/20/2005, 8:39 AM
I will say this. That list is scary. And each bug deals with one of the new features touted by Sony. This makes me very uneasy.
MarkFoley wrote on 4/20/2005, 8:44 AM
Although I can't see how the VST blurb is a fact it is one of the nice little features that I like about Version 6...opens the door to some really nice audio plugins for Vegas.

I really like this plugin:
BrianStanding wrote on 4/20/2005, 9:10 AM
Audio / Visual synchronization Tool:
- Works perfectly as far as I can see
mdopp wrote on 4/20/2005, 10:25 AM
Thanks for compiling this list. Vegas 6 is a major disgrace for Sony. Hope they fix all the problems soon. Currently I feel like having spent those $200 for nothing.
p@mast3rs wrote on 4/20/2005, 10:27 AM
"Currently I feel like having spent those $200 for nothing"

You bought Adobe Premiere Pro too? LOL
rextilleon wrote on 4/20/2005, 10:56 AM
LOL---disgrace is a rather powerful word to use. Rather then calling it a disgrace, just say that it was released to early. I assure you that the people at Sony are unhappy and will do everything they can to repair the problems ASAP---Give them two weeks and i assure you that you will be happy.
Spheris wrote on 4/20/2005, 11:00 AM
You mean a couple of months? That's the official word on a fix for forge 8. which I'd expect would be in line before a fix for vegas.

Vocalpoint wrote on 4/20/2005, 11:07 AM
"Give them two weeks and i assure you that you will be happy."

I agree with Spheris....I was stung bad by the SF 8.0 announcement - now that app REALLY needs some major fixes to even get it to a usable starting point....if Vegas 6.0 gets a service release before SF 8...the SF users will be a very nasty mood (if they aren't already).

I had to bail on SF 8.0 completely while promises of fixes ranged from "soon" to a more realistic "two months"

I wouldn't expect Vegas to be fixed until at least mid June (at the earliest)....unless of course - there are two well stocked teams working separately to clear up the issues....

John_Cline wrote on 4/20/2005, 11:12 AM
As I remember, last year, the first update to the new Vegas V5 only took a couple of weeks to appear.

I've completed two projects with V6 since I got it yesterday morning. They weren't particularly complex projects; lots of clips, some CG, some filters... you know, standard stuff. V6 is working OK for me at the moment. I'm not concerned.

MHampton wrote on 4/20/2005, 11:26 AM
Keep in mind that even though they are both SONY products, I would bet there are 2 completely different programming teams working on them. It is entirely possible that the Vegas patch comes out first, depending of course on the complexity of the fixes.
p@mast3rs wrote on 4/20/2005, 11:31 AM
Seeing the PR blitz that was put on V6, Sony better address V6 first or any ground they have made with the NAB hoopla is down the drain.

I almost positive that there are more time critical projects that have to do with video than audio so i dont mind SF8 taking a back seat.

I do believe the result of V6b will tell us everything we need to know about Vegas and its future.
rextilleon wrote on 4/20/2005, 11:39 AM
Yeah different development base and more users (I believe). I bet you they get on this real fast because they have to be losing sales.
Michael L wrote on 4/20/2005, 12:02 PM
Although the problems may appear significant if you are trying to use the feature, they really do not seem to require overly complicated fixes - example the zoom in transition - yes it is broke but that really should not be a major undertaking to fix. Most of the other initial issues people are experiencing fit into this category (although slightly more complicated from a programmers standpoint).

In the end the first buy users are receiving a $50 extra incentive to put up with the initial headaches. Holding off on your upgrade will increase the potential that you will not have issues when first installed. Basically a $50 gamble.

In the end it will undoubtedly live up to the expectations we all share. If not we switch software and no more sony money each year at NAB time. .
BillyBoy wrote on 4/20/2005, 12:26 PM
Say what? I hope you're not suggesting those taking advantage of a sales promotion assume because its a "early" release that they should expect a release filled with bugs that they in effect get to find and report after paying $200 for a FINISHED product. Its not that anyone expects a totally bug free release, but Vegas is held to a higher standard because in the past it was almost bug free so it of course generates more noise when v6 seems to have failed to meet the previous high standards quality wise regardless of those trying to sweep the mess under the rug.

What's important to keep in mind is that there are bugs, and lots of them. The complexity of them or how long it may take to fix them has nothing to do with it. In the software biz, perception is everything.

These are bugs that should have been caught BEFORE the product was released or it simply shouldn't have been released. Remember... many, many Vegas users have come to expect better than average software when talking about Vegas. Seems the wheels fell off the wagon on version six which doesn't inspire confidence of things to come.

Face it, true or not it looks like v6 was rushed it out the door, probably the sales department decision, not the engineering team. Still, unsettling regardless of the crowd that's quick to excuse what is afterall sloppy work. No, I don't expect beta testers to find every last little thing wrong. However the comical mistakes that made it to the release version says one of two things. Either there was no final check or the beta testers got very careless.Either case, Sony's fault. Their product, their responsibility. They get the praise when things go well, they get the blame when it gets screwed up. Time for some serious mea culpa from those responsible.
MHampton wrote on 4/20/2005, 1:08 PM
I've been using vegas since 3 and I don't recall ANY version that was bug free. They all had maint releases to correct shortfalls that were found when released to the populace.

And if I remember right, people paid for the chance to "beta test" Windows95 before it was released. Give a discount to be an early adopter is much better than haveing to pay extra for the privledge.

And I'm sure you are right. Release schedules are not driven by the development team, they are driven by the marketing guys. Trust me, I know. I deal with that every day.

Programmer: It will be done on Oct 1st.
Sales Dude: But I promised it to them on Aug 1st.
CEO: It was promised. Make it happen.

rextilleon wrote on 4/20/2005, 1:58 PM
yeah, thats what I figured---no developer wants to let a program riddled with bugs out into the market place---That's one of the problems with a company like Sony running Sonic Foundry--Heck, dont let anyone believe that we dont respect and admire the actual creators of Vegas--
ushere wrote on 4/21/2005, 5:12 AM
being on the cutting edge has always meant a degree of blood letting.

personally i can wait another couple of months and see exactly how much blood has been spilt....