Vegas 7 as CD burner?

buckaroo wrote on 9/8/2007, 4:44 AM
I hear that Vegas 7 can be the equivalent of CD architect?

By putting audio tracks on the timeline but how do you get the 2 sec gap?

I have been experimenting and seem to get the track markers with the N key marker but sometimes they are 4 secs apart and other times?

Whats the best procedure for Vegas burning normal cd's? I just thought of this as an alternative before buying CD Architect, as I know it can do crossfades on CD and markers for CD ID's within tracks like on a Mixed DJ cd...


Geoff_Wood wrote on 9/8/2007, 2:39 PM
You can get a '2 second gap' , or whatever you want by moving the audio events in relation to each other, and their track markers with them. To create track marker you can highlight the event or section and press N, or position the cursor and press N - drag the markers and events around at will.

I find it clutzy compared with CDA.

BradlyMusic wrote on 9/8/2007, 3:10 PM
Yes, this can be done very easily in Vegas and Acid for that matter.

Go into the Vegas preferences, and I believe it's under "Editing" or something like that....sorry...I don't have Vegas infront of me on this PC right now. In the preference there is a setting for Default time between CD tracks IDs. The Default is 2 seconds, so you shouldn't have to do anythng in the preferences unless you changed it...which it sounds like you probably haven't.

So what you do is go to the explorer view. Select all the songs you want to put on the CD and then Right click. Then select "Add to Project Media Pool". This just puts everything in the Project Media pool. Now goto the Media Pool tab, and you will see a similar view as the explorer view with all the songs you just put in the media pool. Right click on each song and select "Add as CD Track". Vegas will use the default time you have set in the preferences (ie 2 seconds gap) and place the song on the timeline with the CD Track IDs around it. Do this to the next song you want, and it will put the next song on the timeline seperated by 2 seconds. Keep repeating this. It works the same way as it does in CD Architect. The only trick is to put the songs in the Media pool 1st, since there is not a right click "Add as CD Track" in the explorer view in Vegas.

Once you're done adding the songs and putting them in the order you wish, then just goto Options>Burn "Disc-at-Once" CD.

Oh yeah, ignore Geoff's information. He obviously has not done this in Vegas before. It really does work the same way in Vegas as it does in CD Architect.
Chienworks wrote on 9/8/2007, 4:32 PM
There's also a "create cd layout from events" command somewhere. This is handy if you already have all the songs on the timeline.

Most of the CDs i produce are of continuous performances. I don't use 2 second gaps, obviously. The track markers are still there so that the listener can jump around to various movements, but the disc will also play back continuously with no audible gaps at all.
Geoff_Wood wrote on 9/9/2007, 3:30 AM
I do it in Vegas often. But in CDA more often.

What do you do to get Vegas to add new media sequentially with (or without) a default gap ? I just manually put 4 events onto a- separate tracks, and B- same track. Unless I manually set a gap between each event, 'Layout Audio CD From Events" creates one long track, and you need to split them into new ones with cursor/N or time selections. Clutzy. Create Tracks From Media Regions in CDA is better for me.

rraud wrote on 9/9/2007, 7:59 AM
I don't use Vegas much for CD burns' but some helpful points maybe; burn in the Disc-at-Once mode, if there's a choice in Vegas. (SF, by itself, only burns Track-at-once, which inserts a 2 second gap between tracks.) And if I'm not mistaken, Vegas does not support CD text if that is important. I don't know if any CD burning functions will be different in V8. Being released tomorrow. 9/10
LarryP wrote on 9/9/2007, 8:01 AM
Creating tracks works well provided you add the tracks from "project media" via a right clicking and selecting "Add as CD Tracks" which gives you your 2 second gap or whatever you set in the preferences.

Two time savers. First sort the project media by clicking on the appropriate column header. I either name my track media starting with 01, 02, 03 etc. or I put a similar sortable scheme in "Comment" column in project media and sort by Comments.

Second is to use nested veggies. I did this for my last project and it really simplified the flow. Each track was it's own project with it's own veg file. I could easily e-mail work in progress to the responsible people for comments. Once the project was firming up I created a master CD project, added all the individual track veg files to the project media, added a number sequence, 01,02,03... to the project media column (nice of the track ordering changes), clicked on the comment column to sort, selected all tracks in project media, right clicked add as CD tracks, saved the master CD project and then burned a trial master to pass around.

From then on to make a change I could either change the individual track project or right click on the track in the master CD project. Overall a nice flow that takes more to describe than to do.

buckaroo wrote on 9/10/2007, 1:19 AM
Ok thanks will give this a go..

Just as an all round CD burner, can Vegas burn DATA files also on the timeline?
ibliss wrote on 9/10/2007, 1:46 AM