Vegas 7 at NAB

busterkeaton wrote on 4/7/2006, 2:07 PM
I have been pretty sure that Vegas 7 would debut at NAB. Others were doubting this.

I just saw the Vegas as in the latest issue of DV.

It's very unusual in that the Vegas box is very tiny and it doesn't not mention Vegas 6. It just says Vegas. However, it does say DVD Architect 3. It seems to deliberately demphasizing the product, probably because the Vegas 7 box will look different.


SimonW wrote on 4/7/2006, 4:17 PM
Vegas 7 debut at NAB? Nope, won't happen. Trust me.
videoboy77 wrote on 4/7/2006, 4:32 PM
does debut mean announced or released... ? Hopefully we get an announcement at least.
juan2004 wrote on 4/7/2006, 9:25 PM
Vegas 7 will be release sure at August 2006, after 2 months of test.
rmack350 wrote on 4/7/2006, 11:35 PM
These two claims seem kind of baseless. However, it suggests to me that they were trying to coordinate with Vista.

If any of this is true, that is.

Rob Mack
Wes C. Attle wrote on 4/8/2006, 3:55 AM
I hope they figure out how to split HDV scenes on capture by then! :-)
AnthonyTower wrote on 4/9/2006, 8:11 AM
Seing how Acid 6 has taken major features from Vegas, I would not be surprised to see a Vegas 7 come out this summer having all of the remaining Acid 6 features it lacked making it a be-all, end-all type application.
At the latest Siggraph

busterkeaton wrote on 4/9/2006, 9:41 AM
I would very much be surprised if Vegas 7 became more Acid-like.

For one, not all of Vegas's editing tools have been migrated to Acid. Add a take is one example. So I don't think that process is 100% finished.

Second, I think the whole point of moving all the audio tools into Acid is free up Vegas to fully focus on video/videographers. Over the past few years there was a lot of grumbing from Vegas audio users that they were being passed over. Audio tools a video editor can use will probably still be added to Vegas, but I think the bulk of audio development is going to happen on the Acid side. It makes planning for future development easier and it probably makes marketing easier.
Nat wrote on 4/9/2006, 10:56 AM
I do a lot of audio in Vegas and I would be sad to see some features evolve only in Acid. I tried Acid and being a Vegas user since version 2 getting used to the new workflow is not that easy even though the 2 programs are very similar. What I like about Vegas is that I can do 99% of the tasks I need to be it audio or video.
randygo wrote on 4/9/2006, 11:20 AM

I've been using Vegas for my audio projects for the last few years and have been loving it. I have been trying out the new Acid Pro 6.0 and I must say, this release is looking pretty good for my needs. There are a few little things missing from Vegas, but it looks like the hard work has been done and I expect the little things to show up sooner or later.

Unless Vegas get the ability to manage tempo and time signatures the way that Acid does, I think that Acid is going to become the more viable DAW solution over Vegas. The ability to add tempo markers and work to a grid that represents true bar and beat information in songs is fantastic. Not to mention all the other features Acid has for beatmapping, loops, and grooves. So many times in Vegas I have been frustrated trying to time-correct a few errant passages from old multitracks of various projects and been frustrated in Vegas. Acid makes it really easy!


Shannon Rawls wrote on 4/9/2006, 12:15 PM
I hope the figure out how to capture timecode from the Canon XL-H1 HDV camcorder.

farss wrote on 4/9/2006, 8:30 PM
If I can believe a magazine I just got one of the big things at NAB this year will be a reincarnation of Super 16mm with new cameras, lens, film stocks and post production tools. One of the rumoured new cameras will do 1 to 75 fps.

Can this be what the Madison team are beavering away on, better support for celluloid?

cheroxy wrote on 4/9/2006, 8:34 PM
Since we pretty obviously aren't going to see vegas 7 at NAB I need something else for my spring vegas addiction fix. What are some of the projected additions to the next version of vegas?
rextilleon wrote on 4/9/2006, 9:10 PM
Will Vegas 23458965003485 support the Red Camera?
busterkeaton wrote on 4/9/2006, 9:14 PM
why do you say it obvious we won't see Vegas 7 at NAB?
Wes C. Attle wrote on 4/10/2006, 4:19 AM
I think we won't see Vegas 7 at NAB because our awesome Vegas dev team was forced to enhance the consumer Movie Studio versions to help package the sales of Sony's DV/HDV camera line-up. That may be smart business by Sony's leaders considering the masses are not going to use Vegas. But, I think all that delayed the Vegas 7 critical path.

If you use Adobe Premiere Pro 2 and After Effects/Video bundle as a benchmark, then our Vegas dev team has a huge feature and technology upgrade to produce with Vegas 7.

I for one hope the Vegas Product Team gets all the time they need to do it right. I wish they were the ones making the decisions. But I hope they do not need too much time! I was tempted to defect to Premiere 2.0, but after a trial period with creative drain, I could not wait to get back into Vegas!

With Sony leading the HDV push, there is also no excuse for lack of perfection and complete HD/HDV support built into Vegas 7. Premiere requires way too many expensive add-ons to do anything fun. That's where Vegas 7 can rock our world. I hope they do.
Spot|DSE wrote on 4/10/2006, 7:15 AM
I think we won't see Vegas 7 at NAB because our awesome Vegas dev team was forced to enhance the consumer Movie Studio versions to help package the sales of Sony's DV/HDV camera line-up.

After saying "Huh?," let me point out that the cameras are not packaged with VMS, and if you take the time to look at the release schedules of the new cameras, you'll see that the camcorder releases aren't remotely in the same time frame as the consumer software.
I understand that folks don't often realize this, but Sony Media Software isn't the same Sony that makes camcorders who isn't the same Sony that makes movies who isn't the same Sony that manufactures CineAlta, who isn't the same Sony who makes television shows, who isn't....etc etc. Sony is like a big umbrella, with lots of divisions within that umbrella, divisions who don't talk to each other, who don't plan strategy together, etc. They're more like the Army than anything else.
jkrepner wrote on 4/10/2006, 7:21 AM
So you're saying there's a chance? (To quote Jim Carey in Dumb and Dumber)

I had assumed there wouldn't be a new version of Vegas (7) this year, but maybe I was wrong. Perhaps it won't be Vegas 7, but a bigger upgrade with a new name.

That would almost make sense, no?
Spot|DSE wrote on 4/10/2006, 7:37 AM
I can't comment whether there is or isn't a chance, that's not my place. My point is to explain that tying any two divisions of Sony together for anything strategic is not really sensible. To say that Sony broadcast would delay the launch of XDCAM HD because Sony Electronics has a new HDTV coming out soon for instance, is a bit of a stretch. That's the same as saying Sony Media would delay launching Vegas because Sony Consumer Electronics has a new HDV camcorder coming out. (which they don't, BTW, other than the small HC3, which isn't suitable for most of the work that folks here do, IMO)
busterkeaton wrote on 4/10/2006, 8:04 AM
DSE would be one of those people who has already seen Vegas 7, but to see Vegas 7 you have to sign a non-disclosure agreement. I'm sure Vegas 7 has been in beta-testing for a while. That does not mean it will be released at NAB, but I think it will.
jkrepner wrote on 4/10/2006, 8:06 AM
I'm more interested in an announcement than an actual release, you know?
Wes C. Attle wrote on 4/10/2006, 6:10 PM
Well, regardless of Sony divisions and camcorder bundles, the Vegas team did do some major work on the VMS versions while Adobe was working on Premiere 2.0, AE. Adobe releases the consumer versions with the full versions. Vegas releases the products on different tracks.

So my point was that last year's major VMS focus delayed Vegas 7. The good news is they have lots of time now to evaluate Premiere and meet or beat Adobe's new feature & technology list. I hope the Vegas guys aim high in Version 7. Version 5 to 6 was not much at all overall compared to the Premiere 1.5 to 2.0 upgrade.

I do also see a lot of cross-promotion across each Sony entity with regards to standards, software, TV's, VAIO one click DVD computers, and blu-ray. It would only be mutually beneficial if Sony had some technology cohesion across each product line. Perhaps the fact that they appear to be operating totally unrelated is why folks are predicting a momunmental collapse of most of Sony's entities in the new future. Did anyone read the article predicting a Microsoft buyout? Does Microsoft Vegas ring a bell? :-)
Orcatek wrote on 4/10/2006, 7:08 PM
I am sure there will be some announcements about Vegas at NAB. Its too big a show for them to be quiet at.

We can only hope what it will be. Lets look at last year. The new of release of Acid came out about the same time as this year.

Look at Vegas for the past few years, Right on schedule for another release.

Vegas 7 or whatever it will be called has been in process since before NAB last year. Many things that didn't make 6 were pushed aside to 7. So it is not like they've only been at a for a year. Software development has overlaps. The planning for the next version starts before the prior is even done.

I would bet that "Vegas 8 yes 8" has some high level plans already done. They may have gone as far as beginning design work on it. Remember the design team and the development team tend to be different groups. So while one is working version A, the other is working on version B.

So got a little long winded to say - yes they will say something exciting about Vegas at NAB.

rmack350 wrote on 4/10/2006, 10:53 PM
During the time that Sonic Foundry was on the block it seemed like a fairly natural thing for MS to buy it. There's no other suite that works as well with Microsoft's plumbing and is as stable as Vegas. But Sony already had a relationship and Sony turned out to be the buyer. (In fact they spent a heck of a lot more for SoFo than Media100 was sold for later that year).

I was making a kind of wild guess that Microsoft's delay of Vista might have also put Vegas off. I'd hope not because I don't think it ought to make a difference, but I'm having direct experience with other products being delayed because of Vista. Vista was supposed to go into Beta about now, and I suppose that the delay of the Vista Beta 'till fall might affect DirectX, which might affect Vegas. Totally wild guesses here based on someone's unsupported assertion that Vegas would be delayed 'till the fall.

As far as I know, and I don't know anything at all, I'd still expect V7 for NAB. Just because that's been the pattern.

There must be something better to do than fret about Vegas 7.

Rob Mack
Ennbr wrote on 4/11/2006, 3:49 PM
Vista has been in Beta for some time now I know because I have a copy running on my system what was delayed was the release of Vista until early 2007. I see no reason why Vegas 7 would be delayed for work being done by MS on Vista.