The Kid wrote on 5/14/2009, 10:07 PM
I have not yet had a problem like this. Are you moving any files after you close V9
Sebaz wrote on 5/15/2009, 4:24 AM
This is a big bug that was present in 8.1, and it looks like SCS didn't think it was important enough to fix in 9 64 bit. It will make you waste lots of time because it happens about 40% of the times you open Vegas, but SCS obviously doesn't care.
megabit wrote on 5/15/2009, 4:50 AM
FWIW, I suffered from this very often with 8.1, but NOT ONCE ever since I installed VP9-64 (not long enough to say it never can happen, though).

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albert_kes wrote on 5/15/2009, 5:02 AM
I have put trial VP9 32-bit. If it also loses further files, will have while to refuse purchasing and to wait VP9 a-c :(
PeterWright wrote on 5/15/2009, 5:14 AM
If it's about solving a problem, then at least describe exactly what you did which led to the situation of Vegas "losing files".

I am guessing that you re-opened a saved Vegas project and it reported that it didn't know where some files were, but you haven't said that.

As has already been asked, you need to specify some things, such as:

Have you moved files?

Are there different external drives involved? - this can lead to different letters being assigned to drives - "F" becomes "G" etc.

If it's a problem associated with V9 and not previous versions, please say so.
albert_kes wrote on 5/15/2009, 5:27 AM
Last time was so: I have captureed video, have saved the design and all... One file has ceased to open (an icon W a picture on a place) has tried to make Replace Media - the file in general has disappeared from a project window. In other times I have already mounted scenes and have put titles and a file have disappeared. Files did not transfer, after simple reboot VP9 files appear on a place. In VP 8 such when was not!
eVoke wrote on 5/15/2009, 9:25 AM
I'm with The Kid on this one -
I had 2 projects I had been working on in Pro 8 saved [.veg] to my desktop. I uninstalled 8.0c and 8.1 prior to installing Pro 9 32 and 64bit versions. Once installation and registration were complete, I launched Pro 9 32bit and it automatically opened up the last project I had been working on in Pro 8 without me having to do anything.

Are the files that are getting lost on an external hard drive or storage device?
albert_kes wrote on 5/15/2009, 7:30 PM
On a hard disk. For me a working folder and all files there. I will repeat, I work in VP 9 as well as in VP 8. And before such losses was not.
Sebaz wrote on 5/15/2009, 7:33 PM
I have put trial VP9 32-bit. If it also loses further files, will have while to refuse purchasing and to wait VP9 a-c :(

If we are talking about the same bug, the 32 bit version will not show that error. It's only in 64 bit Vegas, 8.1 or 9.
vectorskink wrote on 5/17/2009, 6:02 PM
Yep, I'm getting that as well. V9 64bit.
Very annoying! I fix it by closing and opening V9 repeatedly until the files are "found" again!
Happens quite regularly!