john-beale wrote on 8/19/2009, 11:59 AM
In order to be useful to the Sony engineers, the best approach is to file a help request with SCS detailing exactly what you were doing when the crashes occurred. V9a is a quite large and complex program, so bug reports must be detailed in order to be useful.
HyperMedia wrote on 8/20/2009, 6:52 AM
lofreequency wrote on 8/22/2009, 11:02 AM
Thought I'd post my problems here instead of starting a new thread since I'm getting crashes and freezes too...

I'm trying the Vegas 9 Trial and can't say I'm too impressed. Lots of freezes and crashes so far. I'm doing a project with stills (they've been re-sized to 1600dpi for easier handling and video clips h.264 from an Aiptek Action HD.) I understand this codec from these cameras is a trouble child? I usually use Vegas Pro 6 and convert those files to X264 since VP6 can't handle them and things run very smoothly. Was hoping VP9 I could not have to convert. It does handle them to a degree, but you guys think this is why I'm having freezes and crashes?

The audio cuts out randomly too at times and I have to restart the program. I use VP6 and AP7 a lot without many issues I'm seeing here. Also, at times the video clips come up red in the timeline and I have to restart the program.

Another odd occurrence...I went to open the help contents and index section and an error came up and said I didn't have enough memory to perform this action. Huh? Just to open the help index? Then the program crashed. I restarted the program and then it worked fine.

Now I just tried dragging more stills from the project media window into the project timeline and it crashed once again and again and again. I've done many projects like this in VP6 without many issues like I'm seeing here.

Now I'm stuck! I'm trying to add the last .jpgs into the project and anytime I even touch one of the files to drag into the project either through the project media window or from explorer AP9 crashes instantly. Just touching the file with the cursor!

Is there a limit to the number of stills that can be in a project? Because I can drag the same .jpgs into a new project without problem.

EDIT: So I managed to get it to add more photos by restarting the computer and am almost ready to render, gawd I hope it renders OK, because I spent a lot of extra/unnecessary time here on this project with multiple crashes, freezes and restarts. I'm not really doing anything that should be really taxing the program.

EDIT: Three freeze-ups while rendering to a mpg2 or avi. Error message says not enough memory, close other programs. Nothing else is running! lol Restarting computer to see if that helps. This is a joke!

Lots of head scratching while working on the first project in VP9 so far.
lofreequency wrote on 8/22/2009, 1:31 PM
What a joke. I give up. Guess I'm going to have to redo this whole project in VP6. I can't even render this now. No matter what format I try rendering to I get a "System is low on memory. You may be able to reduce memory usage by closing other applications." error

Nothing else is running! I even disabled my wireless modem. CPU usage at idle with AP9 open is 0%-5% range. Then spikes to 100% when I try to render (which I'd expect it to).

Are we not allowed to render projects using the trial version or something maybe?

My computer's specs are well within the recommended specs...
srode wrote on 8/22/2009, 4:28 PM
Try setting your preferences to only 1 core and rendering
ushere wrote on 8/22/2009, 6:39 PM

try using stills max 3kx2k (.png preferably).

try converting your 264's to mxf for use on the tl.

lofreequency wrote on 8/22/2009, 11:09 PM
srode said: "Try setting your preferences to only 1 core and rendering"

Thanks guys. Where do I find this? Options>Preferences>?? Or??

ushere said,


try using stills max 3kx2k (.png preferably).

try converting your 264's to mxf for use on the tl."

Thank you. Is a 1600dpi jpeg really too much for this program to handle? If so wow. I downsized from a 12 mp original. And one reason I'm trying out VP9 is so I don't have to convert any files before doing projects. Guess it's not possible. If I need to convert all the media I can just stick with VP6 for my needs.

Thanks for the input. :)
ushere wrote on 8/23/2009, 12:32 AM
i can appreciate you wanting everything to work right out of the box, i think we'd all like a perfect nle ;-) and (excluding a few pretty nasty bugs) i don't think vegas is too far off the mark.

however, i've never had a problem with media since i started making life easier for both me and my vegas.

unless you're intending heavy duty zooming in, most stills are fine (as png's) at double project settings for everyday panning, zooming - i've happily worked with 4 X project size (hdv) on paintings where i want to zoom in and show individual brush strokes (17mb files).....

as for footage formats - i can't speak for anything other than those i work with; dv, hdv both work happily on the tl. avchd (sr10?) plays reasonably well, but i usually convert to mxf for better playback / cc'ing, etc., i have had to use jvc .mod files (UGH!), which of course don't work in vegas, but simply converting them to mxf solves any problems that might arise.....

yes, i want my nle to handle everything! but apparently no nle (that i know of) will handle anything you throw at it....

Arthur.S wrote on 8/23/2009, 6:07 AM
Just a thought; What do you have the RAM for Vegas to use set at in preferences?
lofreequency wrote on 8/23/2009, 7:50 AM
"Just a thought; What do you have the RAM for Vegas to use set at in preferences? "

512. I upped it to the max also 1024 ( not in front of that computer at the moment) and it didn't seem to be any different.

Thanks again. :)

I still would like to be able to render this project as is. I'm so close but can't overcome the memory error message.
lofreequency wrote on 8/24/2009, 3:53 PM
"Reply by: ushere


Um, duh. I meant 1600 x let fall dpi. So 1-2 mp's? Sorry for the confusion!

Yesterday I tried using constant bit rate while rendering to mpeg-2 widescreen dvd and it got to about 10% finished then came up with the memory error again. Why in the middle of render sometimes, why right off the bat?
Derm wrote on 8/24/2009, 4:18 PM
Prior to V9 I had huge problems rendering large jpegs.I also discovered that Vegas does not like anything other than RGB profiles, anything else caused a crash. Hope that helps.
lofreequency wrote on 8/30/2009, 8:37 AM
OK. Now, I'm down to thinking VP9 is not liking these Aiptek Action HD files even though it plays them. In an attempt to salvage some of the time I've taken to edit this project I deleted all the other tracks (stills, music, titles)except the video and video's audio. I'm still getting the "not enough memory error" . This is only a few dozen short video clips making up about 20 minutes of time. So I'm back to converting the Aiptek files like I used to have to and I have had success using those files with VP6. Bye VP9...its more program than I need. Also, I purchased Vegas Home Studio 9 which worked great on my first test projects with my new Panasonic HD camera.

Thanks for the suggestions though. :)