Vegas and Fordge

albert_kes wrote on 6/8/2009, 7:03 AM
Not to create I am a lot of files I do so:

1. I open video in Fordge from Vegas Pro (Ctrl+E).
2. I edit
3. I push button "Close" (it is not necessary to push to "Save as...")
4. Fordge asks "to save variations?" - I agree.
5. In such alternative I do not create additional files, and in initial video the old sound replaces on the new.

And so the 8-version did not change video a compression (PAL DV) and 9 version changes video compression on Uncompressed. It can be corrected in customisations?
I have found an exit - have substituted aviplug 9 versions on aviplug from the 8-version, all works perfectly. But it can is possible to change easier customisations?


JohnnyRoy wrote on 6/8/2009, 7:34 AM
I would not be switching AVIPLUGs from Vegas Pro 8 into Vegas Pro 9. You are just asking for trouble. I don't think there is any other way to control this in the preferences. As a general rule, I always open a COPY in Sound Forge the first time I edit audio from a video and then on subsequent edits I edit that single copy again (Ctrl+E). This only creates one extra file and gives me the option of returning to the original audio if needed. Besides, you don't want Sound Forge re-rendering your entire video+audio just to get the audio back into the video file (although it doesn't modify the video it still has to rewrite the physical file). Keeping the edited audio in a separate WAV file is much cleaner.

albert_kes wrote on 6/8/2009, 7:54 AM
I so do at preparation for mounting when yet I do not know where there will be this file. In the course of mounting I as well as you open in Fordge a copy of a sound and I edit it.

PS And such method (sound replacement in an original file) is presented in manual Vegas