Vegas Audio 3.0

Former user wrote on 12/14/2001, 6:13 PM
Anybody heard anything about the release date for Vegas Audio 3.0? I see VV3 seems to generating a lot of chat lately, but what about us rockers,rollers and "way out of controllers" that use Vegas strictly for audio tracking?

Also - any thoughts from separating this board into 2 forums: 1 for Vegas Video and another for Vegas Audio?


Cuzin B


SHTUNOT wrote on 12/14/2001, 7:33 PM
The release date as of right now is late january. SOFO has kept to themselves about any of the new features that VA3 will have. I wonder if they'll be announcing anything before th Dec 24 deadline. This is when the sale price of VV3 will go back up from $199 to $487? I wonder if there will be one for Vegas Audio 3 as well. As far as I can tell it will definately NOT support VST plugins or VST instruments. I could be wrong though, but I doubt it.

If I had some more info on the audio upgrade I could use that in my sales pitch to everyone I talk to on buying the Vegas Video 3 package. I'm an audio engineer and I know more audio types than video. These people weren't sold on the features from VA2 so me telling them that "it'll be great" isn't enough. They are stuck on using cubase,logic,sonar,etc. With all the hoopla over the video upgrade[which is well worth it!!!] I hope that they went to town on the audio side of things and gave it a kick in the but! The strongest competitor to me is Sonar right now, with cubase a close second because of the integration with the Universal Audio Card and TC Powercore. I say cubase second because you could use Sonar in the initial conception of the music then export individual tracks into cubase and mix in that enviroment using "THE" most powerfull[best sounding] plugins to date! I hope that SOFO has been keeping up with all thats been going on in the audio side of the industry...we'll see soon I guess. Later.
theron3 wrote on 12/15/2001, 11:46 PM
It is becoming a dence fact that this is no longer an audio friendly enviroment. You will find zero strides in a separation of audio and video and you will continue to see less and less audio questions as the focus has changed.
I use to like it here. I could pick up very usefull tips just by brousing. Now, I'm lucky to see a single audio querry.

Congrats on the transition.
Great sofrware that I will still use.
Sorry the forum didn't pan out.

Theron ( sniff, sniff)
FadeToBlack wrote on 12/15/2001, 11:54 PM
theron3 wrote on 12/16/2001, 12:02 AM
What a treat if this is the case. I've learned so much from this forum (and you GG)that I hate and fear the prospect of this deep resource gone dry.
Thanks for the prompt calming.
Now back to the oringinal thread.

pfarrell wrote on 12/17/2001, 9:18 PM
From what I can tell VA 3.0 will be a mild rehash of the audio from VV3. Not too competitive IMHO.

I'd love to see separate audio and video, but that might make too clear that Vegas Audio is really a dead product. Too bad, I kinda like it and wish it would get better. But there has been no evidence that SF really wants it to be a kick ass product.

Tech44 wrote on 12/18/2001, 12:00 AM
I agree that VST is something we won't see. Despite the fact that more and more programs are supporting it, it is a Steinberg initiative, and SOFO is too far in bed with Microsoft for that.

I am hoping, however, that SOFO's close ties with MS will bring us full DX8 support for effect automation and DXi. Of course, for DXi integration, there'd have to be MIDI support also. Seeing Vegas expand to the virtual instrument and MIDI realm would really help it breat out into the sequencing market, which is where it really needs to go if it is to expand its user base.

Don't get me wrong, I love Vegas in its current incarnation (I have VV3), but for it to really stand out amongst the Sonars and Cubases of the world, it has to move further for audio than just adding a master mixer. :)

My two cents,

SHTUNOT wrote on 12/18/2001, 12:44 AM
Well then where was all the evidence that Vegas Video was going to have "print to tape from the timeline" or "Dynamic ram previewing" or even freakin' "closed captioning?". I was expecting a few things to make it as "flexible" as adobe premier but not "as competitive". If you look at the evidence at the Cakewalk web site...A whole lot a features in Sonar are very similar[if not exactly] like vegas audio features. Volume/pan envelopes...models too for cross fades and swells[in and out],acid technology[I wonder where they got that?],the look of the setup. I feel that both companies must have swapped a bunch of codes to keep their products competetive. I read somewhere that both companies are pretty close in relations so who knows what we'll be getting in features. Just trying to "not" look at all this in a "glass is half empty" view.

Though if the update IS JUST A MASTER FADER and a few thrown in "add ons" then I feel that the user base better start complaining and I mean BIGTIME! If a few people are miffed and the rest doesn't say a word, then their marketing department will see "no market" and the trend will continue. The audio side of vegas will just be maintained and will have no major breakthroughs. This will piss me off because that would mean that I'll have to use cubase or even sonar in conjunction to get the job done.

Please SOFO...DO NOT MAKE ME DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Though I would think that if it wasn't at all that big of an overhaul then they would've probably released it by now with vegas video. Fingers crossed!!! Later.
bgc wrote on 12/18/2001, 1:21 PM
I would almost bet the farm that VA 3.0 will be VV 3.0 with 1 track of video support. That mean's that the audio update we can expect from 3.0 aren't very exciting (or really even warrant upgrading). Hope I'm wrong.
SHTUNOT wrote on 12/18/2001, 6:01 PM
Like I said in my last post:

Though I would think that if it wasn't at all that big of an overhaul then they would've probably released it by now with vegas video.

I just can't see why they would hold out on a limited upgrade. It would boost the sales of the video upgrade knowing the audio was tweaked tremendously too. Weird stuff is going on here. Plus can you imagine the amount of "ANGRY" emails that they'll get if the upgrade sucked!!! Who would even bother upgrading...they would just stick to using Sonar,cubase,logic,etc to get their work done. Later.
prezbass wrote on 12/18/2001, 6:51 PM
I have to agree with that last post- VA3 will most likely have nothing that VV3 doesn't already have, minus all the video features. It's really too bad- recent events have made it necessary for me to punt my (considerable investment into) Vegas useage for Sonar- I like Sonar, but if SOFO could just add the necessary pieces, but keep their incredibly simple system, they would truly have a winner.

BTW- does anyone from SOFO ever respond to these VA3 queries? It sure doesn't look like it. I understand the need for secrecy when developing applications, (can you say "Scope Creep"?) but there is a huge community of audio-only folks that could really benefit from just a *smidge* of news- are we getting what we need, or just a dumbed-down version of VV3?

Enquiring minds REALLY wanna know.

-Marc Miller
Cascade Hills Studios
random_id wrote on 12/20/2001, 9:06 PM
just in case someone cares...
I love the SF stuff. It is only a hobby for me, but I love the incredible deals I was able to get with Acid, SF 5, and Vegas Video. I would not have come close to buying any products if it weren't for SF's special offers (as well as Best Buy).
Which brings us to the anticipated VA3.
I hope the update will not be another $99 special. For some people this may be a great deal, but for me...I won't do it. The new audio features are nice, but I don't want to pay $99 for a master fader. I would consider the VV3 update since I have VV2, but I don't do any video stuff, and can't see doing it in the near future.
I don't want to be like the many other threads that are ...blah, blah, be like protools, blah,blah, be like sonar.... I just want to say that when SF plans their market stratagy for VA3, they should consider that many of us will not immediately jump on the $99 bandwagon THIS TIME.

Now then, SF is great, thank you for the software, and I will support you in the future...just maybe not in the immediate future.
FadeToBlack wrote on 12/20/2001, 10:36 PM
Rhythmystik wrote on 12/21/2001, 12:47 AM
I understood Sonic Foundry to say that VA 3 would have all of the audio features of the current VV3 plus additional newer audio features that would then be added to a VV 3 upgrade after VA 3 is released.

I agree that we really can only wait and see at this point. If VA 3 is in late beta testing then all of the features are locked down and our suggestions and must-have feature pleadings are way too late.

Oh well, in another 4-5 weeks we'll see for real what Sonic Foundry has in mind for it's audio multi-track users. Hopefully they will show that they're serious!
SHTUNOT wrote on 12/21/2001, 1:37 AM
I hear ya...Thats the reason I stopped brainstorming on ideas for the next version. With it being only weeks away they're working out the bugs and tweaking god knows what...I'm going to tally all the advancments that I've seen posted recently and make a "MASTER LIST". Just for fun I would like too see how many features actually got implemented. If not then it would be something for them to put on the to-do list for next time. Later.
me_arnold wrote on 12/28/2001, 3:29 PM
SO... should I just upgrade to Vegas Video 3.0 and forget using Vegas Audio again even though ALL I want to do is record audio????

... I'm ready to upgrade.. HELP!????
SHTUNOT wrote on 12/28/2001, 4:05 PM
Your a couple of days late of the sale that SOFO had on Vegas Video 3. It ended on dec 24. Now I guess the cheapest you can get it will be the downloadable copy. For $199 you would have gotten BOTH video/audio. VV# comes with whatever VA# has. In late january the new version of VA3 will be released and VV3 owners will have an update for the audio features. I would guess that there might be a sale when its released...but don't hold me to that,I'm only guessing. Unless you would like the amazing video features that come with VV3 I would wait 'till the next update. If you can't wait till then and need to spend your hard earned dollars now...have you checked out Sonar? My gut instinct is telling me that whatever this program has will be similar to what VA3 will have, if not more/less...just a hunch. Later.
allon wrote on 12/28/2001, 10:40 PM
vv3,upgrade for audio?
if you want vegas for audio i wouldnt upgrade.
i dont even consider vv3 as an upgrade for audio.
whats the difference?its so minor!
an upgrade would be a new program at this point.
im not waiting for vegas audio 3.
im going to logic!
kinda sad.
if vegas audio 3 comes out and has vst,midi,real grouping,a pencil tool and multiple format support i will be more than happy to return.
im not holding my breath.
truth be told,ive done consistently pro quality work in vegas but without a real upgrade vegas will never really be considered a professional program by the"recording industry".

SHTUNOT wrote on 12/29/2001, 3:17 AM
Why do you not wait till late january. The audio portion of vegas will be upgraded. Just at the same time Vegas Audio will be released[They both share the same audio features!]. Your argument is that there won't be much of one...that what we see already is what we get. Well what proof do you have...serious proof and not rumor.None. So wait and see. If your really in a bind go check out Sonar. It has everything IMHO that logic will give you with less of a learning curve[less headaches!!!],more versatility/productivity,and is written to utilize Win2k/XP[WDM audio]. Why waste your money to just come back in 1 1/2 months or so? Later.
SHTUNOT wrote on 12/29/2001, 3:39 AM
im going to logic!
kinda sad.
if vegas audio 3 comes out and has vst,midi,real grouping,a pencil tool and multiple format support i will be more than happy to return.
im not holding my breath.
By the way...
1.Vst or Vsti's...use FXpansions wrapper. I've heard of people using UA-1 cards with it as well as normal vst effects+Vsti's also.
2. Midi...wait and see. Alot of people have complained. It wouldn't make sense not to get it.[I hope.]
3. Real grouping? How can't you group in Vegas that isn't exactly the same as cubase or whatever. There you lost me dude. Take a track and send it to a bus... add effect, route to master. How is that not real grouping? You can click on a bunch of faders and adjust volumes[settings] of selected faders...grouping isn't it?
4. Pencil tool? For what? Drawing in a wave? I'm thinking of a pencil tool used in cubase. What features are you missing in vegas that Other programs have. I feel I have "total" control in Vegas and very constricted in cubase. Logic...give me a break!
5. Multiple file formats...Besides wave,aiff,mp3, what format are you freaking out about. Vegas renders to a ton of different formats [as well as Sonar]. And have a few proprietary ones to boot.

I don't understand your argument to go to Logic. Especially with an update NEXT MONTH. If after the update your not satisfied...I hope your reasoning goes further than "real grouping" or "pencil tool".

Sorry, I don't want to come accross the wrong way. Its just that I'm coming from using Cubase. With all the features in Sonar and what I'm hoping for in the VA update...I just can't understand an argument of going to a program that makes cubase look simple! Especially when Sonar is already out! My 2 cents. Later.
stakeoutstudios wrote on 12/29/2001, 3:58 AM
OK.. as far as I'm concerned, Vegas is the NUTS for audio, nothing touches it, and I feel it comes head to head with protools. I've never felt so at home with a program.

However, the lack of MIDI sequencing is a real pain in the ass. I still have to use cubase for that, with gigastudio.

I'm not asking for anything too complicated in terms of a sequencer, just something I can hook a soft sampler up to!

Also.. I noticed Acid has DLS file support.. could this be the way SF is headed when it comes to virtual instruments.. seems like a great idea.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see what turns up on the audio side.

I hope SF implements some kind of sequencer so that they can make a huge dent on Steinborg's sales!

Just look at how well Cakewalk is doing by combining some Vegas ideas with a sequencer!

allon wrote on 12/30/2001, 1:51 AM
not meaning to ruffle feathers.
im in tokyo so i wont get back to my studio until va3 is released anyway,if its all i want/need maybe i wont need to wouldnt be a waste of money to buy another program,id just have more programs to use depending on what i need.
logic seems very complex,theres no doubt about it.
the simplicity of vegas will always be its strong point.
but recently ive been doing work for major labels and im sorry to say that none of these projects are done in doing remixes and alternative mixes for bands.asking someone to render 50 tracks to wave files doesnt come off as profesional.with logic at least i can open pro tools files.
i can use both vst and dx effects.
a pencil tool is great for fades and removing spikes(like in sound forge).
real grouping is sending multiple tracks to a group and doing a fade or fx changes that will affect all those tracks.
im not a midi head at all but it should at least be included(probaly will be in va3).
a vst wrapper does not give you fx automation!
i dont expect to just start using logic and have it be easy!its intimdating but im ready to move up into the realm of working with people that make this move necesary.
i will still use vegas on certain projects that i start and finish in my studio,its a great product!
i would think that im asking for is to much but theres already programs that do all this!
but in the end for me it really comes down to one from a major record company is going to send me a project to remix and have it recorded in vegas,really nobody!
all that said.......
vegas is great!if it does the job for you use it!
its been great for me and still well be in the right applications.
sonar looks great to!
hopefully thats more what va3 will be like.
me_arnold wrote on 12/31/2001, 8:03 AM
Thanks guys!

I have used Cakewalk in the past and absolutely hated it! It sucked up all of my resources. I'm sure it is great for midi stuff since it was initially made for that...right? Sonar looks and is advertised as an improvement but for Vegas is the deal!

PS. I'm going to wait for the Vegas Audio 3 upgrade.
yirm wrote on 12/31/2001, 8:59 AM
If that were the case, they would have released it already, and VV3 users wouldn't be waiting for a patch to bring it up to par with the VA3 features.

stakeoutstudios wrote on 1/1/2002, 4:52 AM
hold on a minute.. if that's what 'real grouping' is, then vegas supports it. Just add more busses to the project in properties... select a load of tracks, and send them to a buss. Then you can put whatever effects you want on them there.

I've used Logic, this is far easier to do in Vegas than Logic!

Although Vegas seems very simple and easy to use from the outset, as you use the program more and more, you'll find lots of little neat features Sonic Foundry have put in...

Just because it's simple, don't presume its limited.

Vegas's main limitation is still the lack of a sequencer.