Vegas audio, how are multiple 'adjustments' applied

AFSDMS wrote on 2/2/2001, 3:45 PM
I'd like to know how the internals of Vegas Audio/Video
handle the various tweaks I apply to sound.

Example: I have a track that was recorded 10 dB low, so I
Normalize it. In the track, I end up reducing the fader to -
3 dB. Within the track I have a volume envelope that
highlights certain parts.

So, are each of these volume changes handled independently,
meaning that the opportunity for adding artifacts and
quantitization (sp) noise is drastically increased? Or, are
the changes kind of 'compiled' so that the combined change
for any given point in time is combined so it is only
applied once.

Naturally I've given a really simple case, since my mixes
also have track FX and one or two assignable FX busses,
some reverb, and some changes at the bus including a
possible fader tweak and, finally, the dither for
downsampling to 16-bit from my native 24-bit .wavs.

Any inside info on how Vegas works would be appreciated.

Thanks much.

Wayne Munn


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