Vegas Audio LE 2.0d installer fails to 'see' DV update to DX8.0

DanHo wrote on 5/21/2001, 9:15 PM
Has anyone had this problem. The installer for Vegas Audio LE 2.0d halts and tells me that I must have the DirectX DV update installed before I can continue.

Sonic Foundry reports on its download page that Vegas Audio LE 2.0d will install and work on a Win98 regular machine (NON- SE) but, that you must have Win98 SE if you want to take advantage of the DV scoring within programs such as Acid 3.0.

I have installed DirectX 8.0 then the DV uodate 3 times now, and still the Vegas installer insists that I install the DirectX DV update! The uodat etells me that it has installed successfully - everytime.

DirecetX 8.0 version 'a' is STILL not available for download yet (although you will notice that their page SAYS it is), but I have an email that I will gladly send ANYONE who wishes to see it - from Microsoft support - acknowledging the fact that DX 8.0a is NOT available. Yet. But, it will be........

Can anyone help with this?
Can't the installer be reconfigured to just blow passed the DV update checking? I do not need the DV in my use of Vegas Audio (isn't Audio the key word here?), so I can't see the reasoning behind its necessity for use with this program. Ya, okay for scoring - ala Acid3.0 - but why not just make that an update or a seperate download?

BTW can anyone tell me about any other major audio software players that are dumping their support of Win98 regular and just worrying about supporting Win98SE?



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