Vegas Audio / Vegas Video Forum Split

theron3 wrote on 7/24/2001, 11:21 PM
If possible-and, of course, it is- would it be enough of an improvment on this forum to have a seperate home for Vegas audio and video. It is a drag having your posts bumbed by unrelated questions and having to sift through the same. All questions are valid and important yet, not all are applicable to potential responces. So, how about a focused room for each applications. What do you think? The "Vegas Family" room has, by far, the most posts. I say stream line a little more and let Audio and Video have a full and autonomous venue for each.


MixNut wrote on 7/26/2001, 3:30 PM
I asked for this the week after the release of Vegas Video and was told by SF that they'd likely split the forums with the site revamp that came soon after...

It's high time that happen!
theron3 wrote on 7/28/2001, 10:40 PM
Perhaps the lack of opinion indicates a satisfaction with the status quo. No more input and I'll let the thread fade into wishfull oblivion.
theron3 wrote on 8/4/2001, 11:19 PM
O.K. So I wish a lot. Still no sympathy for my plea?
Rockitglider wrote on 8/4/2001, 11:29 PM
I agree with this idea. Count me in on a vote for the split.

See ya
Avene wrote on 8/5/2001, 7:46 AM
Just keep it as is I say. Vegas Video is unique in that it allows us to edit audio and video together simultaneously. What other video app lets you snap video clips to a beats and bars grid? What other audio app has Vegas Video's advanced video editing features? I'm here for both audio and video conversation. Having to log into 2 separate forums would be quite irritating for someone such as myself who uses the program for all that it's capable of.

If anything, SF should start a Viscosity forum. Then we can all get on there and complain about features it's lacking.
Rahl wrote on 8/5/2001, 8:03 AM
Well I just think Sonic Foundry should just create one Vegas product in the future, like they did with Vegas Pro in the begining. There is actually no reason to split the forum because Vegas Audio and Vegas Video is basically the same product. Why split I say?
allon wrote on 8/5/2001, 10:05 AM
actually its been my experience that vv scrolls up and down much slower than va.thats why i preffer to use the audio i dont do video
tuckermonster wrote on 8/5/2001, 11:37 AM
The time is nigh for a split!!!