Vegas Audio2.0a and Antares Mic Modeler ?????????

TF wrote on 1/27/2001, 5:11 AM
Hello folks;

Anyone use this plugin with Vegas successfully?

I have tried every thing I can think of to get Mic Modeler
to work in Vegas Audio. I add it to the FX chain and Mic
Modeler's window appears and disappears just as fast. There
is no way to access the controls. Is it unable to operate
in Vegas Audio or is it just my system. I use a 700mhz
PIII, 20bit Layla 5.06 multiclient driver, Maxtor 7200 rpm
100ATA hard drive and 384 meg of ram. Thank you for your


PS; Three times out of, God only knows how many times, I
added Mic Modeler to the chain or all by itself it showed
it's window so I could adjust the controls while a mono
track, the only track, played. The controls for adjustment
in Mic Modeler caused stuttering sound that was distorted.


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