Vegas Blu-ray disc video template

Jeff_Smith wrote on 9/1/2010, 9:08 PM
I need to burn a 13 min blu-ray disc tonight to be played tomorrow on a playstation 3 through a projector, footage shot with pana TM700 1080 60p. Unfortunately I do not know what the projector is but it is 2 years old. I want to burn directly through vegas Tools>Burn Disc> Burn Blu-ray disc.

Which Video template would be best to use?

I have had success using1920x1080-60i 25Mbps for a disc that was played on a panasonic blu-ray player and a 60" dlp rear projection tv.


I only have 2 discs left


bsuratt wrote on 9/2/2010, 2:47 AM
Is projector even capable of HD? Need to know projector specs first.
Jeff_Smith wrote on 9/2/2010, 10:51 AM
I just got word, the projector is an optomo HD70:
720p Native
Video Compatibility NTSC, HDTV (720p, 1080i/p), SDTV (480i/p, 576i)
Aspect Ratio 16:9 Native, 4:3 Compatible, LBX Support
I/O Connectors
HDMI, Component Video, VGA with Component & SCART Compatibility, Composite Video (RCA), S-Video

Should I burn blu-ray discing using the mainconcept mpeg-2 format?

Video template
Blu-ray 1920x1080 - 60i, 25 Mbps
Blu-ray 1920x1080 - 24p, 25 Mbps

I have about 2 hours to do this before I have to leave, I have already burned a standard dvd (looks bad) and a Blu-ray 1920x1080 - 24p, 25 Mbps.

Thanks again,