Vegas Capture Not Detecting Rode Microphonee

MarkMay wrote on 11/3/2021, 1:05 PM

Hi there,

I recently purchased Vegas Pro 18, which is the current version to screen capture videos to make reaction videos on Youtube. I also bought a Rode Mic NT-USB to record with.

This microphone works with every other software, and it's fully functional. What's strange is that it is even functional when I use this microphone on a separate audio track in Vegas Pro 18.

But as you can see, when I open screen capture and select the Rode Mic device. It is inactive. I also tried going to control panel, which is what was suggested and setting the stereomix as default, still not working.

I tried a work-around and created an audio track first and recorded with that, and then open screen capture. And the microphone works temporarily, but then cuts out.

I have had no other technical difficulties with this microphone. Only that it does not seem to be detected in the Vegas Screen Capture software.

As a backup, I tried using my Logitech Pro headset which also has a microphone. Which can be detected by Sound Manager in Windows and every other recording program, but again, the option for the Logitech microphone doesn't even show up in the list of Audio devices.

This is very annoying as I've spent $1200 to start my Youtube Channel up, and a simple functionality such as this, which works with the most basic programs, doesn't work in Screen Capture which is the whole purpose as I bought the program.

Any advice or suggestions are welcome.

I am currently using Vegas Pro 18 (Build 527). Fully up to date.

If you need any further details, feel free to ask.