Steve_Rhoden wrote on 7/18/2014, 3:50 AM
Why in the world would you want to delete a clip while it is playing or while
Vegas is playing? That is bound to create an issue.
Unless you are not describing your problem correctly.

Shmuel wrote on 7/18/2014, 9:24 AM
If you were right than it should happen every time.
While editing project I accidently heat the delete and vegas crashes.
Solid software does not crash by user heat the wrong button.
If this bound to create an issue than the programer has to disable the option.
tim-evans wrote on 7/18/2014, 9:40 AM
I would Agree with this.

The other night I created a short project ... 1 track of generated media video with 5 tracks of audio going to a bus with Waves RVerb. I tried bringing this veg in as a nested project. Crash after crash after crash everytime. The file would render out fine though.

Maybe there was something incompatible with the veg but proper software gives you an error message .... not crashing. Anyway I let it do it about 6 times sending SCS an error report each time so let's see if they fix the problem.