Vegas effects render problem help

david-ruby wrote on 8/4/2020, 12:09 PM

I must say I am finding the 18 version really seems more stable here. I love that!! Ok. I go and pick a clip from timeline and send it to vegas effects. Edit and add animation, etc. Looks great and runs great in VE. I render a new preset since I wanted to go back to vegas same as my time line settings. I save and close VE and I am back in vegas. It changes my clip on the time line to my VE changes.

Then when I go to play that clip which shows same settings were rendered, it lags and stutters and is unusable. OK.

BUT, if I go to where it was saved on my drive and pull in the file? It plays perfect. No problems. Only seems to be the file that VE sends back to the time line that has a problem. Not the actual rendered file. Do you have to bring in the render from where it sits on your disc or is it suppose to work like the Premiere and after effects round trip.

Liking what I am seeing here gang!!! : )


Update. I just did a re render in VE and this time the transitions and text did not show up in the vegas timeline file. But if I go to where it was saved and bring it back in, that file plays perfect and shows the text, fx,.

Update 2. I had my machine crash while trying to view playback of VE clip. It seems to take a few minutes for the clip on the time line to update with the edits. But it drags and drops frames still. Any takers here?


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