Vegas font sizing issues

Cliff Etzel wrote on 12/24/2018, 2:37 PM

I'm having some issues with how Vegas manages fonts. I've noticed that a specific font size in photoshop is not the same size in Vegas if I select the same font face/size in each application. I work for a production house at times shooting videos and the graphics require a specific font face and size for those graphics. Problem is the specified sizes do not work correctly in Vegas. I've had to do a bloody workaround by going into photoshop to create the bumper graphic and then have to import into Vegas pro which is a PITA.

Am I missing something in the process I'm just not finding or is this another one of those "Vegas" features that doesn't work the way other NLE's like Premiere Pro and Resolve do?


Former user wrote on 12/24/2018, 3:09 PM

This has always been a problem with video and print applications. Print font sizes do not translate to video because there is no such thing as DPI in video. I assume your specific font sizes are relative to another graphic, because the font will be different sizes depending upon which TV you are watching, as well as based on the resolution of the video.

But if you find the font size in Vegas that is closest to your required Photoshop font (you can do this by creating an example in Photoshop and then import it into Vegas and then overlay with the Vegas font until you match as close as possible) then this should stay consistent for future productions.

Sorry, I know it is not much help, but Video is video and Print is print.

Cliff Etzel wrote on 12/24/2018, 7:09 PM

I have to somewhat disagree as both Premiere Pro and Resolve display fonts at the same size as specified by the production house for the graphics. IF video is video and print is print, then why is it the other apps display the fonts correctly while Vegas doesn't?

Former user wrote on 12/24/2018, 8:10 PM

I can understand Premier matching Photoshop since they are both Adobe products. Resolve might be basing their font sizing on Photoshop specs as well. Is the production house requesting a certain scan line size?

I never really understood what the sizes for Fonts is based on in Vegas. If you open an HD project and enter a font of the size 48 and open another SD project and enter a size 48, you will see they are the same size relative to the picture. It does not seem to translate to scan lines. This is the fault of Vegas, but I have gotten used to it.

If it is extremely critical, then you could edit in Vegas and add fonts in Premiere. Or create your graphics in Photoshop, which I prefer because I fiind they are cleaner than Vegas fonts sometimes. Or, as I suggested earlier, find what size fonts in Vegas match the size that you need. Once you find that, it will stay consistent in projects of the same resolution.

Cliff Etzel wrote on 12/25/2018, 7:59 PM

Probably for this specific series of projects I'll just create the graphics in Photoshop as I really can't run Premiere Pro any longer since moving to an AMD GPU (I still own PPro CS6 which only runs in software mode with AMD)

Marco. wrote on 12/26/2018, 4:31 AM

We needn't go that far. Vegas Pro's own titlers "Titles & Text" compared to "(Legacy) Text"/"Credit Roll" use totally different font sizes for the same numbers.

Cliff Etzel wrote on 12/26/2018, 1:57 PM

We needn't go that far. Vegas Pro's own titlers "Titles & Text" compared to "(Legacy) Text"/"Credit Roll" use totally different font sizes for the same numbers.

Yes they do but again, they do not function in the way I need them to for the project specs. I already tried those options within Vegas 15 and still could not get any of them to do as specified in the project description. It slows me down TBH and is somewhat frustrating given the tests I have done with other NLE's offering exactly what is needed. I want to stay in Vegas from beginning to end without having to go to another application but it seems once again I have to kludge a workaround for this client's parameters. My experience shows both PPro CS6 and Resolve titler's do exactly this within the apps themselves.


I wish there was a way to know I can just input the specified font sizes in the Vegas titler features and just have them work as needed.