Vegas & Gigabit Networks

RNLVideo wrote on 5/15/2005, 7:11 AM
For those with gigabit networks, how do you use it with Vegas? I just bought a new comptuer & networked it together with my other computer via a gigabit switch (both are now 10/100/1000 capable). Here's what I've experimented with:

- I've kept all of my existing media on the older computer (about 500GB of material) and have been editing it across the network with my new computer with no problems (slightly longer than usual delay opening a project, but then all is well. This space, along with the 350GB of space on my new computer give me just over a TB of total storage space (whew!).

- I've CAPTURED to the network drives and it works very well except that it drops either 4 or 8 frames at the beginning of each new clip. This is handy - as long as you don't need something in that first second of the clip. I wonder if there is a network setting of some sort that would smooth this one out & eliminate those dropped frames.

- I've rendered to and from the network drives with several different projects (some very simple & some pretty complex with nested .veg files). Can't complain.... It's a little hard to judge the performance as I'm just adjusting to the awesome speed of the new computer.

I'm interested in figuring out whether both computers could use a common Media Manager database file. Now that we've had a little time with V6, has anyone done this? Pitfalls?



rmack350 wrote on 5/15/2005, 11:13 AM
Others have raised the question of using the meida manager on a network like you're suggesting but it's just been idle wondering as far as I know.

Seems like a natural step with the media manager. You might try asking Sony support or checking on the Acid forum. They use the manager as well.

Rob Mack