Vegas Movie Studio 13: 2K output ?

TroyTheTech wrote on 11/15/2014, 9:25 AM
I purchased VMSPE11 a while back, and am considering upgrading to VMSPE13. My question is: is it possible to render out to 2K (not 4K) in VMS13?

The Products Comparison page lists 4K as available in the EDIT version, which I understand. But I was wondering if 2K was possible as output from VMS13... I have installed the Trial just now and can't seem to render out to 2K resolutions (2048x1152) without a generic 'error' popping up. Unfortunately, this error gives no information as to what setting is wrong, what format is incorrect, or what limitations are being experienced (eg. "you must purchase a higher version of Vegas to utilize this resolution"), etc. 1080p resolutions are working fine in AVC/MP4 formats/containers. The captured Source Material is all 2K resolution.

Thank you for any explanations


TroyTheTech wrote on 11/15/2014, 10:35 AM
After more testing and research, I am replying to my own query with the answer: yes 2K is possible in VMS13, even 4K is possible as an output/render resolution.

The reason why I was confused at first was, the 2K format is not listed on the Product Comparison page (4K projects are listed under the Edit versions of Vegas), and the specs do not list the specific resolutions for VMS. As well, coming from VMS11, I did not use resolutions higher than 1080p. In 2012, Sony introduced their utilization of h.264/AVC as XAVC for their future cameras and software, such as Vegas, which now utilizes the XAVC format, allowing 2K and 4K resolution, which I have found in the Render Options, separate from the usual Sony AVC/MVC category, which I was always using and continued to attempt to use at first, as in my post above (coming from VMS11).

I would like to leave this here in case it helps others that may not immediately see how to render out to 2K and 4K resolutions in VMS13 (use a different category, listed as Sony XAVC S and then 2K and even 4K is available in VMS - Thanks, Sony! - that decision to allow those higher resolutions in VMS13 has solidified my decision to purchase/upgrade from VMS11PE).