Vegas Movie Studio 13 Platinum (Steam Powered) Not Loading Any Project

Andrew-Rice wrote on 3/22/2020, 3:40 PM

I was trying to open up a project file I created a week ago and the project file refused to open (Error message: "Item Not Found"). I remade the project file grumpily and assumed there was just some freak accident. The moment I made a new project file to work on something else, the replacement project file wouldn't open. Two project files corrupting for no reason seemed too conspicuous, so I attempted to open the other project files on my computer and... surprise surprise, none of them work. In the beginning, it said that the "item could not be found," but now it is saying that the "error was undetermined." Not being able to leave project files to start a new one without the old file corrupting is incredibly debilitating and ruins a lot of the things I do with the software. Has anyone had this issue? If so, can anyone help? Thank you.