Vegas Movie Studio 15 Suite

Jerzy-Bartuzi wrote on 9/20/2020, 5:55 AM

I am the owner of Vegas Movie Studio Suite, but I have not been able to open it for some time. Displayed the message: error code -59, followed by the message no license to use this software.
Meanwhile, I bought this program in a cardboard version, I have dvds (with bonuses) and codes for all software. I used Vegas Movie Studio 12 before and it still works. And the "fifteen" stopped. I would like to use its possibilities. So I am asking for help.

Windows 10

Your faithfully

Jerzy Bartuzi xx@xx


EricLNZ wrote on 9/20/2020, 6:29 AM

If you used 15 previously it should be registered to you. Go to your Magix account here

After logging in go to My Products and look for VMS15. Check the activation slots. If they are both occupied deactivate them and you should then be able to reactivate VMS15 on starting it. You should also find the activation code in your Magix account.

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