Vegas Movie Studio 16 error message

Shawna-Boudreaux wrote on 10/7/2019, 8:45 AM

I can not use my software at all. It won't even play the sample project or guide for me. Everytime I press play, it keeps telling me that I have an error. that Microsoft mapper isn't installed? I NEED TO GET MY PROJECT DONE. I JUST purchased this software which I had shipped and I STILL HAD TO DOWNLOAD MOVIE MAKER because they did not send me the CD! The only CD in the box was for music maker, which I did not want! No phone number available to speak to a human being!!!!!!!! I am beyond frustrated and angry.


FayFen wrote on 10/7/2019, 9:35 AM

First it's better to calm down a bit.

Second , read again your msg and correct so we could understand. Movie Maker is working fine?

thirdly, who are "They" ?



Shawna-Boudreaux wrote on 10/7/2019, 9:46 AM

"They" would be Magix, the maker of the software. Movie Studio 16 is the program that I purchased that I am having the problems with. Every time I open the program and try to play the guide video it throws up an error message. When I hit the details tab it says that a program in not installed which is Microsoft Mapper. I have searched for this program but I am only finding more forums where people are having the same issues. When I try to open the discussions for these forums they have been locked. 😒

rraud wrote on 10/7/2019, 2:53 PM

Welcome to the 21st century. Most software installers are downloads these days. Downloading from Magix gives you the latest version with updates and such. Vegas installation files would not likely fit on a CD anyway or even a DVD for that matter. Most important is your serial number.. do not lose that and register Movie Studio (MS) with a email address you can remember .

I do not know about the missing Microsoft Sound Mapper which is probably an issue with your PC's or audio settings. Try using "Windows Classic Wave Driver" as the audio device in Vegas. Not sure about MS, but in Vegas Pro (VP), 'Audio Devices' are selected in "Options> Preferences>" settings menu. I would assume MS to be VP.

Shawna-Boudreaux wrote on 10/7/2019, 7:34 PM


Thanks for the information, but I tried using all devices listed under options and I am getting the same message in a different format.