VEGAS Movie Studio 16 Update 2 (Build 138 & 142)

Bri-Hageman wrote on 7/23/2019, 10:16 AM

Dear Community,

We are excited to announce the second update of VEGAS Movie Studio 16 (build 138 & 142). You can download the latest build through the auto-update mechanism. Feel free to start your own discussion on the forum.

New Features

  • The first screen of the Guided Video Creator tool now autoscrolls when you move a thumbnail to a position that is not currently visible in the window
  • The Guided Video Creator tool now informs the user that it is processing when numerous media files have been added thus resulting in longer processing time
  • An alert box asks the user to confirm that they really want to leave the Guided Video Creator
  • Files added to the Main Storyboard timeline through the Import function now also land on the main project timeline
  • A new preference enables the user to disable auto detection for 360° files
  • New screen capture utility is included

Bug Fixes

  • Clicking the beginning edge of an event properly places the cursor at that exact frame
  • Adding media to the Main Timeline storyboard honors the Overlap preference for events added to the timeline
  • Undesired behavior when clicking the timeline ruler has been eliminated to make the behavior consistent with VEGAS Pro
  • Multiple Undo items are no longer undesirably added when making OFX parameter changes under certain circumstances
  • Files from the GoPro Hero 7 are now properly identified when added to the timeline and are no longer read as 360° files
  • Fixed a bug which could cause problems when adding the Video Stabilization plug-in to multiple video clips
  • Applying video stabilization to a still-image file no longer affects the application negatively
  • The Welcome screen no longer remains open behind the main application window after you select Easy Editing Modes
  • Missing 360° plug-ins are once again available


VMS16 (Build 138) Download Links

  • No longer available.

VMS16 Platinum (Build 142) Download Links

  • No longer available.

Best regards,