Vegas on Acid?

Ravi wrote on 6/18/1999, 8:55 PM
I was wondering to what extent Vegas and Acid will
interact. I always thought that ACID could use the built in
eq and to some extent, compression that VEGAS now offers.

It would be great if you could meaningfully export ACID
tracks to VEGAS. BY meaningfully, I mean, instead of
expanding a track of loops into a long and very space
consuming track, that the loops could be hard time
stretched out of ACID with the specific purpose of placing
them on individual tracks in VEGAS and looped and arranged
the same as in the original ACID track. This way, the loop
would be copied but in a time stretched fashion to match
the tempo and then placed in VEGAS in the correct
arrangment. VEGAS does not time stretch but does loop and
you can paste many loops along a track from the same sample
right? So a direct paste of a song in ACID in this way to
VEGAS would present the penultimate step in a song
production starting with ACID.

On the other hand, all you need to do is put the eq and
ability to put efx on each individual into ACID and we are
totally there.

Why not give VEGAS ACID style abilities? Too much or does
it turn two products into one?


p.s. I thing VEGAS is pretty great so far.


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