Vegas on Atom Netbooks?

nedski wrote on 12/19/2008, 7:36 PM
Has anyone tried Vegas (or Vegas Studio) on an Atom powered Netbook yet?

Now before y'all get foaming at the mouth about how Netbooks aren't made for this kind of application, I'm just asking if anyone has tried it. I really don't expect too much. Doing simple cuts or dissolves on a SD (or low-res proxies) project that is relatively short and simple might help me to decide whether I should get one of them.

I really don't have the money or even an overwhelming reason to get a powerful laptop. I don't have any sort of laptop now.

My neighbor, a complete computer neophyte, just got a Dell Inspirion 9 from her son. It's small and inexpensive and I'm a little bit envious. ;-)

EDIT: I used to have a Fujitsu 5010 laptop and it would run Vegas, slowly of course, and it's processor was a 900mHz ULV Centrino. If the Atom powered Netbooks run as fast the older Centrino's, it would be sufficient for me.


Infinite5ths wrote on 12/19/2008, 9:12 PM
Depending on the price, you might be better off looking for a used laptop in good shape. I've purchase or helped purchase 5 used Thinkpads in the last 3 years. They have all worked beautifully. The last one I bought for myself (Thinkpad T43) cost $300 and runs Vegas 8 Pro no problem - even on the stock 5400RPM HDD. Granted, I'm not editing HDV/AVCHD on it; but I probably could via Gearshift [which I have & love]. For SD and web-video production it works perfectly.

The one thing that will be a huge setback it render times. My main quad-core editing workstation blows through FX-heavy projects and HD. The laptop is SLOW. But it's not too bad for SD; and web-resolution stuff is reasonable.

I suggest getting a large (250GB+) bus-powered USB HDD for your projects/footage. Again, 5400RPM seems fine for low-res and/or low-complexity projects.
ScorpioProd wrote on 12/20/2008, 11:15 AM
I'm also curious to hear if anyone is running Vegas on an Atom.

It's not the price for me, it's the size of the computer that I want for traveling.

I'm planning to do XDCAM proxy editing on it if it works. No worries about rendering since the actual rendering will be done on my workstation when I simply move the Veg over and conform the full res footage later.