Grazie wrote on 11/9/2007, 2:36 AM
Lonely? - No idea. You got any associated Media that needs this? ACID? Something linked to a SONY product, linking the INTERNET?

I suppose you could try switching Net Notify "ON", fully exiting VEGAS and then repeat this time "OFF" exiting VEGAS and so on UNTIL you get it to "stick"? Yeah? You are applying the changes - yes?

I still think it is lonely, and hankering after the Mountains of Madison!!

kraz wrote on 11/9/2007, 2:51 AM
Well we DO know that when a new patch comes out (or a new version) it tells us on Startup so it may be checking a web location whose job it is is to give updates.

I "HOPE" it is not some fancy copy protection insanity similar to TMPGENC which does a recheck every time you run it - and if you changed youe hardware gives you grief ..
deusx wrote on 11/9/2007, 3:31 AM
I set my preferences so it calls collect.
jaegersing wrote on 11/9/2007, 3:45 AM
Lonely? No it can't be that, cos I talk to it all the time. In fact I talk to it so much it even told me I was off my rocker, can you believe how ungrateful a piece of software can be?

I'll have another look and see if it is specific to any project, but I wouldn't have thought so. Failing that I'll try to look for a friend for it to play with.

jaegersing wrote on 11/9/2007, 4:32 AM
I just noticed that it tries to access the Internet at the point of Initializing Scripting during start up. So I checked and found I had selected to install Thought Equity Motion Search during my Vegas Pro install. Ah ha! I thought, and quickly uninstalled this utility that i never use. Thought that would fix it, but no. It still tries to phone home every time I launch Vegas, at the Inializing Scripts stage.

richard-courtney wrote on 11/9/2007, 6:34 AM
I don't have our editors on the internet at all. They are networked yes.

This might cause problems.
jaegersing wrote on 11/9/2007, 5:10 PM
My main editing PC's Internet connection is normally disabled, and I just switch it on when I need to authorise a new program. The problem I am seeing here is on my laptop which has an active connection and a firewall. Without the firewall I wouldn't be aware of the fact that Vegas is phoning home. Who knows what it is trying to do? It's not as if Sony ave an exemplary record as far as PC security goes.
farss wrote on 11/9/2007, 5:35 PM
Are you certain it's trying to call Sony?
Could be .net looking for updates or even QT checking in.

deusx wrote on 11/9/2007, 5:54 PM
>>>Vegas is phoning home. Who knows what it is trying to do? <<<

So... you mean, what happens in Vegas, does not stay in Vegas?
jaegersing wrote on 11/9/2007, 6:31 PM
Good point Bob. OK, I just checked that it is trying to reach, which belongs to limelight networks. I know this is a software distribution company, but no idea if Sony uses them for Vegas distribution.
jaegersing wrote on 11/9/2007, 6:48 PM
Just reinstalled Vegas and it no longer tries to phone home. The Initializing Scripts part of the start up process goes by much faster now as well. I think there might have been something remaining from the Thought Equity Motion Search program that was causing the problem. Anyway it is fixed now.

Thanks to all for the suggestions.

jetdv wrote on 11/9/2007, 7:04 PM
I can guarantee it was NOT the Thought Equity script. I know because I wrote it. It will not do ANYTHING at all until you went to Tools - scripting - and picked the Thought Equity script. I don't know what you were seeing or why it was happening but that script was not the cause.
Harold Brown wrote on 11/9/2007, 10:50 PM
Vegas 7 did the same thing. On start-up it tries to connect to the internet. I don't recall if 6 tried to connect. Cannot remember that far back. I though I saw a conversation about that quite some time ago but I'm not sure. Since I trust Sony I don't care. I typically let it connect and sometimes I don't (via firewall). Depends on my mood. :)
jaegersing wrote on 11/10/2007, 12:39 AM
My Vegas 7 never did this unless I enabled Net Notify. As for trusting Sony, I trust them about as far as I can throw a root kit. :)
John_Cline wrote on 11/10/2007, 1:06 AM
"As for trusting Sony, I trust them about as far as I can throw a root kit.

Then you should delete Vegas immediately or do you just like to live dangerously?
jaegersing wrote on 11/10/2007, 1:11 AM
Why John, what is the risk?
jetdv wrote on 11/10/2007, 5:32 AM
There is no risk. I believe John was just being sarcastic that if you don't trust Sony that much, you shouldn't have anything from them.
Kennymusicman wrote on 11/10/2007, 3:54 PM
Sony's products have done this for ages.

If you use something like peer guardian you will see the "Sony Online Entertainment" & IP address being blocked. It will not ruin your software experience, it just means that net-notify does not notify you.

OT: If yo uuse it you may just find out how much of the internet is built by advertising and tracking companies and how much data is being sent.
If you use it on XP, it's easy, if you want to use it on Vista, it's a little more involved and still Beta but it's cool and "I never leave home without it".

jaegersing wrote on 11/10/2007, 5:53 PM
Thanks jetdv, I kind of thought so. I think John must have missed the smiley in my post, wasn't meant to be taken so seriously.

Also, sorry if I caused offence about the Thought Equity program. I'm just reporting what I saw and my conclusions from that. My notebook with this problem is running Vista so I'm not sure if that is a factor here as well.

Bob Greaves wrote on 11/10/2007, 9:21 PM
I thought all net framework programs phone home to check for updates on dll's.