Vegas platinum 9 weird audio issue

melody-h wrote on 2/10/2021, 9:55 PM

Hello everyone, I have a strange issue I haven't seen an answer to.

I have captured 3 video from DV tape for a friends of this wedding. In the capture window it plays back the audio just fine but when I add it to the project and timeline there is no audio. And the raw .avi files in the Media folder playback with no sound. Im on an old windows laptop. Using the same copy of Vegas I have used forever. I am also using the same camera I have been using forever. Never had this happen before. Why is it playing audio in the capture window but not on the timeline or in regular windows media or quicktime playback? I ran the files through VLC to try to fix the avi format and nothing. Tried Handbrake, Adobe Premiere, nothing. The captured media files will only play audio when viewing through the sony vegas capture window. What is this? help please

Sony Vegas Platinum 9



Steve Grisetti wrote on 2/11/2021, 6:45 AM

Open your AVI in the free download MediaInfo. In MediaInfo, set View to Text and then copy the text of this report and paste it to this forum. Once we see the full specs of your video we'll better be able to advise you.

melody-h wrote on 2/11/2021, 10:26 AM

Thank you for being there for me. I can do that tonight when I have my windows laptop connected to the internet. I am at work now with the laptop but cannot connect it to the internet to download anything. I can give you any info in the properties panels at the moment if that helps. Its using a quicktime7 plug in. Audio 16-Bit Little Endian. stuff like that. Can you spitball what might be a problem so I can try to trouble shoot now?

rraud wrote on 2/11/2021, 11:53 AM

MediaInfo is necessary to find out what audio codec was used. It can be one of many with the AVI extension.