Vegas Pro 11 - 521, More for Sony CS to look into

seriousparody wrote on 1/26/2012, 1:54 PM
Since the release of 521, I have much calmer days due to the increased stability. Given this, I have been experimenting on some of the config settings based on my own system. my PC is Windows 7 64bit with 16Gig of Ram and some terrabytes of storage with an nvidia GTX570. My processor is an AMD 6 core chip.

Based on the 521 release, I have switched off GPU processing as this doesnt work for me... I can use it with most of the HD720 video settings with mixed results from successful completion, artifacts added or fail to render returning me a black screen. As a matter of fact, rendering is around 15% faster without GPU assistance. As for HD1024, using GPU power returns a black screen or just crashes Vegas completely.

I should say at this point that I have all the latest supportable drivers short of beta drivers and windows updates, including antivirus protection. I am confident I am operating an assured, current stable windows system.

When rendering 4 minutes of photo stills (animated), HD720 (various formats) will steadily increase RAM to around 65% capacity. CPU is operating at 98% and would be normal behaviour when using pure CPU for rendering. For HD1024 (various formats) the memory usage peakes at 98% for most of the render. Compared with Vegas 10e - memory is consumed at a much more aggresive rate regardless of how much physical memory is installed. I compare this to the 8gig I had before my very recent memory upgrade as well as my 4gig laptop - noting the same ratio of behaviour. By the way, my laptop is a low end HP G56 with no grahics power at all, and yet vegas pro is rock solid on this for the HD720 rendering I have done so far - no HD1024 as yet as would take too long to wait for each rendering cycle and Newblue TP does not work as graphics capability is so poor.

From my crude analysis so far, it appears that Sony CS need to look at memory management, and specifically for Nvidia; look into the interface for GTX cards, particularly CUDA. There are also random issues over-writing rendered files where manual deletion seems to solve the problem.

Keeping my output to HD720 (wmv) and not using GPU assistance, I can now happily work through the day with only 2-3 crashes and those I find can be avoided by simply closing the programme after rendering and starting up again.

I hope those good souls at SCS are looking at this and the many other constructive messages noting further issues (and fixes) as to assist in what I hope will be another forthcoming update in the very near future.



VidMus wrote on 1/26/2012, 2:02 PM
"I should say at this point that I have all the latest supportable drivers short of beta drivers and windows updates, including antivirus protection. I am confident I am operating an assured, current stable windows system"

Get the latest Nvidia BETA driver and then see how your results are using GPU processing. The latest official release driver is bad!
seriousparody wrote on 1/26/2012, 2:15 PM
Thanks for tip, I have used the latest Beta drivers from NVidia and backed them out again as this did not give me any improvement... :0( I just wanted to draw attention to the fact that some of the failings for 521 seem to point at more fundemental issues as the render process seems to want to put my system in a stranglehold for memory no matter how much RAM I upgrade to. In doing so, may cause the issues I am having with GPU assistance...

Would have been happier waiting for a "delayed" product that would be better Quality Assured - I think is my point. (getting off my soapbox now).

Thanks again for your response.
OldSmoke wrote on 1/27/2012, 12:15 PM
I am using an ASUS GTX 460 TOP which is overclocked by the factory and I further overclocked it to 900MHz and I am getting the same rendering times on the provided Vegas Test Project as compared to the GTX 570. However, I had to find the "right" driver to do that. I am using the 275.33 driver from Nvidia as any other diver will slow me down by a lot, 30-40%. Even the latest beta versions are not as good as the 275.33. If you have to switch off GPU rendering then there is something wrong in your system. make sure your PSU is strong enought to handle the load. Try using a software to check the load on your GPU, I use Afterburner and it shows a good 85% load during rendering the test project.

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