Former user wrote on 8/6/2015, 4:15 PM
I just upgraded to Win 10 and Vegas 12 seems to function fine.
JohnnyRoy wrote on 8/6/2015, 7:58 PM
> "Has sony announced support?"

This will never happen because Vegas Pro 12.0 is no longer supported. Sony has announced that Vegas Pro 13.0 supports Windows 10 so there is good chance that Vegas Pro 12.0 will work also but Sony will never announce support for it on Windows 10.

Alexdelrosal wrote on 8/6/2015, 9:45 PM
I already installed Windows 10 and i have some trouble with vegas 12. If i´m playing a video the preview monitor stop. when I´m rendering a video the system crash.
arubiana wrote on 8/7/2015, 1:22 AM
I upgraded to Windows 10 yesterday, and now it seems like Vegas Pro 12 has stopped rendering. It just sits on the render screen and no progress is ever made.

ETA I switched compatibility for Vegas Pro 12 to Windows 8, It's rendering now, but it takes about 12 minutes to get to 5% progress on a 33 minute video. Estimated render time is around 3.5 hours, Just about 3x as long as it took in Windows 8.1
Carlos Werner wrote on 8/10/2015, 9:30 AM
Had to reinstall Nvidia driver after upgrade, but so far no problems here.
FPP wrote on 8/10/2015, 9:06 PM
Vegas Pro 12 seems to be getting along with windows 10 on my machine.
I did however, start off with a new internal hard drive.. Did a fresh install of all my editing related software and of course, my Flight Sim X.. (Stress releaser).. So far after a little test editing , I can't tell any difference performance-wise.. Smooth as usual, as long as the gpu is disabled.
If I had to commit to one comment, I probably say "it appears to run more stable".. But I'm not quite ready to say that yet.
NLind wrote on 8/12/2015, 7:18 AM
I upgraded to 10 and so far the only thing wrong is Vegas Pro 12 won't load in full screen.

So I have to click the Maximize button twice - once it makes it really small then again to truly make it full screen.
FPP wrote on 8/12/2015, 12:36 PM
I only had to configure my work surface once after new install.. It opens on the same configuration that I set up.
Someone on this forum will probably know what you can do about that.

Good luck
Former user wrote on 8/12/2015, 1:02 PM
Nlind, this is a Windows trick and that may or may not help. Instead of closing a program with the RED X in the upper right, if you close it using the option under the FILE tab, it will save the last windows settings.

Might be worth a try.