Grazie wrote on 6/26/2016, 2:35 AM
No specs? No info from you on anything you've done? No info from you on any changes you've made to your PC. No info about any Windows updates - or NOT! No mention f your NVIDIA driver updates? This is your first post to this Forum. Basically, you've done nothing to assist us to help you. Why!?

gboxer wrote on 6/26/2016, 3:03 AM
How i say already, it was with old windows and now i refresh windows (new and clean version). Result is same. Win7pro sp1. Nvidia Geforce GTX950 (last driver, 8GB memory DDR3 1600MHz, itc... All another programms working very well... I not change nothing in my windows. I try different videos put to programm, same result. First i think that maybe my old windows is broken or damaged but now is clean and fresh windows with all necessary updates and vegas work how before (crash). That crashing begun few weeks ago, before that work vegas perfectly.

Here is screenshot:
ushere wrote on 6/26/2016, 3:39 AM
looks like it's your video driver. try updating or rolling back...
gboxer wrote on 6/27/2016, 6:59 AM
I update my clean win7pro 64bit to win10. Result is same... work few min and then close program and say that occured problem and close :(
PeterDuke wrote on 6/27/2016, 9:27 PM
Did it ever work for you?

If yes, what changed between when it last worked and it first no longer worked?
wwaag wrote on 6/27/2016, 11:56 PM
Try disabling GPU support.

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