Vegas Pro 12 loading issue

Weldon wrote on 3/3/2016, 7:31 AM
I've been a Vegas Pro user since Pro 9. I recently built a dedicated editing PC and have a strange issue with Pro 12.
When I open vegas, audio on any streaming program (using Chrome as my browser) stops playing, the video continues to play. If I have multiple vegas projects open, they lose audio as well, when I open a new vegas project. Once the vegas project loads I can refresh the browser and audio stream plays fine, same with open vegas projects.
The new machine has a 250 gb SSD boot drive and two 4tb hard drives running on a Gigabyte 990FXA motherboard with a AMD FX 8350 processor. 32gb RAM, Nividia GT 740 4gb graphic card and 600 watt power supply.
I thought it may be an issue with loading vegas from the SSD drive and moved it to one of the 4tb hard drive, but the issue continues.
I never had this issue with vegas on previous builds and feel sure it has something to do with my configuration.
I'm hoping someone has experienced this issue and could offer some insight.
Thanks in advance...


VideoFreq wrote on 3/8/2016, 12:35 AM
I run 9 - 13 and don't have a problem. I ran a web video on Firefox 44.0.2 and loaded 12 & 13 without loss of audio. Sometimes Vegas 12 will jam with the video locked up but the audio keeps playing. Close and reload......

Computers are complex and what works on my machine may not on yours. It could be a simple setting in Chrome. Its possible when you loaded Chrome it changed settings in Control Panel/Sound buttons.

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