Vegas Pro 13 lagging audio preview after Windows 10 update

Mikel wrote on 2/25/2020, 4:48 AM


I am experiencing problems with audio in Vegas Pro 13. I work with just audio (no video). I record and mix with an Antelope Zen Studio audio interface. My computer is an ASUS PC i7, 16 Gb RAM, and 250 Gb SSD with Window 10 64 bits. It was working fine with up to 40 audio tracks loaded with vst plugins (Waves, etc.). When loaded with lots of plugins, the audio might start lagging a bit when moving the mouse, but I was still able to listen fairly well and mix my projects.

Then a Windows automatic update happened and after that the audio lagging was total, I couldn't work that way. I was able to erase the update and to return to the previous stage and work again. I disabled the Windows automatic updates. This was in August 2019. Then in December 2019 Windows did an automatic update again (even having the automatic update option disabled) and the same problem happened again, hard lagging that wouldn't allow me to work. This time the systen wouldn't allow me to erase the updates and couldn't fix the problem. Has anyone experienced anything like this? If so, what would be the steps to fix the problem? Thank you very much.


Dexcon wrote on 2/25/2020, 5:35 AM

Even though you are using audio only, the Antelope website recommends for Windows 10 that your computer's graphics card driver is up-to-date:

While I have no experience with the Antelope product, the graphics driver may well be worth looking at as Antelope do highlight this as an issue.

Mikel wrote on 2/25/2020, 5:59 AM

Thank you Dexcon. I updated the graphic drivers but the problem is unsolved. I think this is more a computer internal problem. It does the same when using the Microsoft Sound Mapper device. What it is akward is that the CPU usage when doing this problem is not nore that 30%.


j-v wrote on 2/25/2020, 6:07 AM

Maybe helps reïnstalling that old Vegas in the W7 compatibility mode?

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Mikel wrote on 2/25/2020, 6:56 AM

Thank you j-v. I just tried your advice but the problem persists.