Vegas pro 13 : proj. saving problem.

DiDequ wrote on 10/9/2014, 6:52 AM

When you save a project, you do not save the preferences of the project.
Working with different audio adapters makes it longer to configure.

Example : my project named "tascam" uses a stereo sound with my Tascam US 600 Asio usb box:
I do all the job on the timeline and save this project.

Now, I prepare a new project with the 5.1 settings, on my Creative Asio card

I might not be able to set my 5.1 loudspeakers as the settings are greyed (unavailable).

A reboot solves this problem:

Now, I do all the job on the timeline and save the new project.

I close this new project.

I open the previous "tascam" project made with the Tascam Asio device, and my settings are wrong :
instead of

Please Sony developpers, could you check this for a future upgrade of Vegas 13 ?
Thanks in advance.


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