emmo5611 wrote on 4/17/2014, 1:00 PM
You may need to uninstall hitfilm and reinstall it for Vegas 13 to recognize it. That is what you needed to do with V12 Pro
NormanPCN wrote on 4/17/2014, 2:51 PM
Hitfilm needs to install some files into the Vegas install directory. Easiest way to do this is uninstall/install HitFilm again.
JohnnyRoy wrote on 4/17/2014, 5:28 PM
At first, HitFilm did not show up in Vegas Pro 13.0. When I opened HitFilm from Vegas Pro 12.0 it prompted me to download a new version that adds Vegas Pro 13.0 support so I did. Now it shows up in Vegas Pro 13.0. Make sure you have HitFilm 2 Ultimate 2.0.2217 and install it after Vegas Pro 13.0.

Ros wrote on 4/18/2014, 8:37 AM
Do you still need to apply a Studio RGB to Computer RGB filter for any events on which you add the Hitfilm FX in order to match all other events on the Vegas timeline which don't use the Hitfilm FX?

Marc S wrote on 4/18/2014, 12:33 PM
Just trying to understand what comes with the Vegas suite. As far as I can tell you get Hitfilm Ultimate 2 stand alone which allows you to open a clip from Vegas as a composition in Hitfilm. That's pretty cool and works very much like Premiere and After Effects do together. But if you want all of the cool Hitfilms plugins as OFX directly within Vegas you have to spend another $399 on top of the cost for the suite. Is that right?
videoITguy wrote on 4/18/2014, 4:00 PM
AFAIK from the promotions - you can expect Hiffilm Ultimate 2 to work at least somewhat as a standalone program and this may be well worth it to you. The inside out process where Sony VegasPro houses the app may or may not work well for you and hence take away from some its value.

ON the other hand the offering of a real plug-in has some advantages to speak of in operations of the type seen as a different inside-out variation but this has not been tested well in the field. Supposedly it will best appeal to users holding multiple branded NLE's in their installation - because it will install in each appropriate NLE as a unique plug-in to each. In theory, this, but not well tested at this time.
Ros wrote on 4/20/2014, 2:22 PM
Johnny, since you own a mac, do you know if the Hitfilm Ultimate 2 license will allow you to run it as a standalone on the mac even if it was purchased with the Vegas 13 Suite?

The Suite seems like a great deal, I just don't know if I will have the time to test drive it all prior to purchase.

JohnnyRoy wrote on 4/20/2014, 2:45 PM
> "Johnny, since you own a mac, do you know if the Hitfilm Ultimate 2 license will allow you to run it as a standalone on the mac even if it was purchased with the Vegas 13 Suite?"

My license does. I donated to the kickstarter for the Mac port and the first question I asked was, "will this license also work on a PC?" and they said yes so I went in on it. I now have it installed on both my Windows 7 desktop and MacBook Pro with a single license. Vegas Pro uses it just fine. I can't say if the license you get from the Vegas Pro Suite bundle is the same. I would ask but if it's a regular full license it should work on both.

Ros wrote on 4/20/2014, 6:43 PM
Thanks Johnny, I had the impression you got Hitfilm Ultimate part of the Vegas 13 Suite. I will check with Sony has to what this license entitles you to.

ECB wrote on 4/20/2014, 7:33 PM
I got Hitfilm Ultimate with the Sony Vegas 12 Suite. All the documentation with HitFilm refers using it with both Windows and Mac nothing unique to Sony Suite. Good idea to check with SCS to be sure.

Ed B
Ros wrote on 4/20/2014, 7:45 PM
Thanks Ed, also would you know if Hitfilm events levels are being displayed correctly on the Vegas timeline or you need to apply a Studio RGB to Computer RGB filter?

Marco. wrote on 4/21/2014, 3:00 AM
The color shift which HitFilm introduces by rendering has nothing to do with Vegas Pro. It's not just a level change and I don't think it is solved in the current HitFilm version.
Ros wrote on 4/21/2014, 7:16 PM
Wasn't aware about the color shift in the render....

I did install the Hitfilm trial but I am unable to have my event show up on the Vegas preview, I get a warning that Hitfilm needs to be activated. So can't get a true test drive.

Mark_e wrote on 4/22/2014, 12:06 AM
There are some oddities but they are far outweighed but the actual usefulness of Hitfilm I'm a convert :)

You have to be careful with which codec you use to avoid that shift with the standalone product, DNxHD in Mov wrapper is not affected. It will fiddle with mp4 and clip 0-100 lumance you can't use levels to fix from my tests a while back. I think pro res is fine as well but haven't tested personally. It also dosent play well with some forms of compression in the mov wrapper like the default gh3 footage it's choppy to edit direct.

I just stick to DNxHD if I know I'm using Hitfilm and that obviously works with vegas nicely as well. A little annoying but once you get over that and start using the product the small hassle of transcoding is trivial and the product it good. I don't even think about it now it's just normal workflow for me and no big deal. I used the vegas link less than I was expecting usually just at the end to check levels and final render via vegas as there are limited export options from the product + I really like the Hitfilm interface now I have the hang of it.

Ros wrote on 4/22/2014, 9:18 AM
Thanks Mark for these pointers.

BTW, I got a confirmation on the Sony Live Chat that the upgrade offer for the Vegas Pro 13 Suite includes a full license of Hitfilm Ultimate 2.