Vegas Pro 16 - exporting .prproj for premiere pro - Failure

William-Kee wrote on 12/20/2018, 9:44 AM

Hello, I have an edit that I want moved from Vegas 16 to Premiere Pro.

The edit is simple with no fades, effects etc. It is 1920x800 (cropped from 1920x1080) and contains an audio track.

I successfully export the .prproj file and then when I go to open it in Premiere CC I get 'The project could not be loaded, it may be damaged or contain outdated elements.

How can I fix this?


Former user wrote on 12/20/2018, 1:15 PM

1.Go to File / Export / Final Cut Pro7/DaVince Resolve (*.xml)

2.Open Premiere Pro and import the (*.xml) file

Vegas export the (.xml) file with the audio channels as mono and the premiere creates one track for each. If you want to leave in stereo go to Effects Control in Premiere and make the necessary adjustments.