Vegas Pro 17 - Maintaining Track Volume Envelopes

Julie-Robitaille wrote on 3/20/2020, 11:29 AM


In this time of crises, I need to produce verey fast. I want the volume fixed on the track not on the wave has before in the older version. I want to keep the volume set up. Take off the music, change for another one and keep the volume points already set up. I want to change the music easely and without loosing the volume points already fixed. . Am I clear? Thanks ! Veags PRO 17


rraud wrote on 3/20/2020, 12:15 PM

"Am I clear?"
No, lost in translation maybe.

Do want to even out the volume levels throughout the project? Use volume envelopes, EQ and compressor limiters. JB's Broadcast compressor VST plug-in has an auto gain feature, multiband compressor and final output limiters. It may be complicated for non-audio folks though, There as another stand alone leveling app, that was totally automatic, Sorry I do not recall the name of it at the moment

Julie-Robitaille wrote on 3/20/2020, 12:48 PM

Hi, Thanks for trying to held. I'm talking about the audio wave. The last tracks has a volume line. I want to take off the music for another one, prefered by the client without loosing the volume. For now, if I delete de music, I delete the volume too so I have to replace all the volume points. Vegas 10 was not like that. Volume was assiciated with the track not associated with the wave or to the music. Thanks for your tricks

Former user wrote on 3/20/2020, 12:56 PM

Add the new music track as a TAKE over the current one.


Julie-Robitaille wrote on 3/20/2020, 1:11 PM

I tried but the new one goes under the actuel one. :-)

Former user wrote on 3/20/2020, 1:12 PM

Then you can switch takes with a right click>TAKE


rraud wrote on 3/20/2020, 1:23 PM

Yes, as Dot stated, a new take will use the same volume envelope.

If you wish to move the envelopes with the audio, confirm that "Lock envelopes to events" is enabled. The 'Envelope edit tool' is useful as well for coping, pasting or moving them around.

Julie-Robitaille wrote on 3/20/2020, 1:23 PM

wich would be in french?? :-)

And if I want to move my wave a bit to the left or to the right but leave volume behind as I did before? another trick? :-) Thanks


Julie-Robitaille wrote on 3/20/2020, 1:25 PM

rraud, that's the point I DO NOT want to move all, juste the music not the envelope.


Former user wrote on 3/20/2020, 1:27 PM

The Turn off Lock envelopes to events. The TAKE is a not a trick, it is the way to achieve what you are attempting.

Julie-Robitaille wrote on 3/20/2020, 1:27 PM

Oh! Maybe my envelope is already locked? That's why everything follows


EricLNZ wrote on 3/20/2020, 7:08 PM

Going back to Julie's original post presumably the reason the track volume envelope points disappear when she deletes the music clip is simply because she has "Lock envelopes to events" enabled? If it's switched off the problem won't occur?

Julie-Robitaille wrote on 3/20/2020, 7:14 PM

Well, if you re right. It s a good news. But How I do it ;-)

Julie-Robitaille wrote on 3/20/2020, 7:15 PM

Maybe I can t that because I use a French version

Julie-Robitaille wrote on 3/20/2020, 7:17 PM

*I can’t find out

Julie-Robitaille wrote on 3/20/2020, 9:49 PM

Yes!!!!!!!!! Oh yes!!!!!!!!! Thank a lot. You changed my life!!!!! Really!!!! I have lost so many times surching how. A thousand of thanks.

Julie-Robitaille wrote on 3/23/2020, 7:20 AM

EricLNZ. Thanks again. How can be sure that you will get my furhter questions? I could be so much efficient with your knowledge. :-)