Vegas Pro 18 crashing while editing during playback

malcolm-sutherland wrote on 9/13/2020, 3:11 PM

Just upgraded from Vegas Pro 15 to 18 and am having problems. While working in fairly complex multi-track audio projects in V15 I was be able to work during playback. i.e. doing things like adjusting the position of events, fades, fx, even adding in the events into tracks, all while the project was playing back in (more or less) realtime... without any problem. Now in Vegas Pro 18 it keeps crashing when I do stuff like this (even with the same V15 project moved into V18). So to avoid crashes I need to completely stop the playback head and make the change and then start playback again. Not a huge deal I guess but it does slow down my workflow significantly, not to mention the loss of work if I do it accidentally. Could it be some kind of memory / cache setting? As far as I can tell all my settings are the same between V15 / 18. Not sure what might be the problem.


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