Vegas Pro 18 request and updates

Sheriff-adeyemi wrote on 3/25/2020, 8:15 AM

Is there a way of giving feedback to magix Vp for vp18 like new updates and new features.

I have been seeing avid Pro Tools avid media Adobe creative cloud stepping up there game making it easier for big production house to collaborate easy as a team

Sometime I feel like I need to get something like Adobe or avid because it's industry standard in Hollywood and TV and film production most movie that were edited in VP was in the old version Sony Vegas and program like DaVinci resolve have New features like 3d audio and all new audio FX plugins audio FX plugins in VP 17 are old and needs to be updated doing stuff like EQ doesn't give you much bands to work with. Fab filter Give u more like high pass filter low pass filter and more bands 5.1 in VP 17 is old and hard to use I still don't even know how to keyframe sounds properly I thank that thay should work with dolby atmos just like Pro tools it's been updated and brand new and DaVinci resolve and easy to use a lot of people say on the internet that VP is not targeted at big production like Hollywood BC it doesn't have the tools to collaborate as team like Adobe has . Since the has the tools for video editing audio they should be making hardware control like colour grading digital mixer audio interface sound card for 5.1 or even 10.1 since theatres are add more speakers I think VP 18 should have a new page or like  fairlight davinci resolve or were u can switch between pages like colour audio video editing on different window just like resolve Vegas Pro 17 is one of the best editing software it's what I use even if I was to edit a Hollywood movie I'll use it. What's your opinion on this thanks


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