Vegas Pro 19.0 customize track colors?

WHE wrote on 11/24/2021, 12:09 AM

Has anyone had any success customizing the track colors? I want to display both the take name and the duration length in the header. I can't find a blend so that both are easy to read. Why is the name dark and the duration light? It would be much better if the track header colors were dark and both white or the headers light and both black. I'm using the white interface but would be willing to use a dark one if the track headers could be readable.

And while I'm talking about the display can anyone actually read the tabs in the video FX panel without squinting? Also when an effect is highlighted the text all but disappears. I really wish Vegas 19 was more friendly to aging eyes.


Den24601 wrote on 11/24/2021, 7:02 AM

In all previous VP versions, both the take name and duration were highly readable, with black text on a white background. Now, VP19's take-name inherits the track's color, which - depending on the track color - is VERY hard to read. Also, the FX and Pan-Crop icons are now superimposed by the track's color, which can be just as difficult to read. It's a "form over function" upgrade, IMO, but everyone's eyesight is different, and perhaps take-name isn't as important to most folks.