VEGAS Pro 19 Build 424 (Update 2)

VEGAS_CommunityManager wrote on 11/8/2021, 8:37 AM

Dear Community,

We are happy to announce the release build 424 (update 2) for VEGAS Pro 19. Included are some critical updates and important changes, so make sure to download this through our automatic update feature, or, through the links below.

As always, we would love your feedback. Tell us what you think in our general discussion thread.

VEGAS Pro 19 build 424

New Features

  • Added Optical Flow into the Warp Flow transition and Smart Split function
  • New menu option to Clear Dynamic RAM Preview memory
  • FX and Pan/Crop editor windows automatically resize when undocked
  • Added preview of selected colors in the Color Grading panel
  • Color grading panel now contains a region option when selecting a color
  • Instant access to the Selection Tool from the Normal Edit tool
  • Color Keys number pad support for adjustments in the Color Grading Panel
  • Fine mouse movements for the Color Grading Panel
  • Button display independence for Adjustment Tracks
  • Load text from Titles & Text events into Text to Speech
  • Hardware Acceleration for Upscale plugin
  • Hardware Acceleration for Colorization plugin
  • Hardware Acceleration for Style Transfer plugin
  • Support 5k and 8k render templates in all projects
  • Add a third model to Upscaler plugin for better use on blurry footage

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue in the Border FX allowing inappropriate background bleed-through when bevel is used
  • Driver update window now working appropriately for AMD GPUs
  • Sorting now working appropriately in the Hub Explorer
  • Redesigned the drawing of parts events on the timeline to avoid potential hangs and crashes
  • Improved speed of Hub actions
  • Fixed issue where editing on the timeline was slowed due to excessive number of Undo Events being generated
  • Tick marks now appear in the ruler area of FX keyframe timeline
  • Fixed crash that can occur when initializing the FX Plug-In Manager.
  • Replaced Mia voice with Sonia in Text to Speech
  • Fixed issue where Dynamic RAM Preview allocation is not being released during a render to an Audio only or Image Sequence format
  • Fixed crash in Scene Detection feature
  • Removed default layouts which would cause the UI to be in a bad state
  • Fixed issue which occurs when reading FCP X projects
  • Editing an empty video event in VEGAS Effects is now prevent, avoiding a crash
  • Fixed issue where the Titles and Text editor would float off the screen while editing text
  • Fixed and issue to prevent a crash on exit
  • Fixed crash when bringing focus back to VEGAS while editing a Nested Timeline
  • Motion transfer menu is now accessible if the FX editor is open for another event
  • Deleting a custom render template no longer removes all templates for that format from the Render As dialog UI.
  • Can now remove inserted Master Bus envelope settings from the Mixing Console window
  • Fixed crash or failure which may occur when trying to open the Hub Explorer or VEGAS Hub windows without an internet connection
  • Fixed issue where VEGAS can crash or hang when using unsupported Intel GPUs.
  • No longer crash when opening and closing the Hub Explorer window multiple times
  • Fix issue where embedded text data from Text-to-Speech generated audio events is not available if the event is split.
  • Most recently used files list no longer disappears after opening the preferences dialog
  • Crash that occurs when reading 16-bit grayscale images has been fixed
  • Trimming an event to zero length will now delete the event
  • Changing the zoom level on the Upscale plugin while replaying the video will no longer mangle the video preview
  • “Explore Containing Folder” command in the Explorer window will now select the appropriate file in the Windows Explorer
  • VEGAS Hub window appears properly now on first run of the application
  • MXF files with closed captioning now load correctly
  • Plugin window search now includes preset names


Direct Download Links

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Warm Regards,

VEGAS Creative Software Team