VEGAS Pro 20 Build 214

VEGAS_CommunityManager wrote on 10/19/2022, 8:06 AM

Hello everyone,

The VEGAS team is excited to announce the release of our first update for VEGAS Pro 20, build 214.

We have some exciting new features available and a long list of bug fixes which are all listed below.

You may download this update via the auto-update mechanism within the application or directly via the links below:

Please post comments on this update in the general thread in the VEGAS forum or create a separate thread for specific issues you may encounter.

Warm regards,

The VEGAS Creative Software team

VEGAS Pro 20 Build 214


  • Hue vs Saturation color curve
  • Saturation vs Saturation color curve
  • Color picker for color curves
  • Zoomable preview
  • Comment field for File Drop
  • AI-generated Thumbnails for File Drop files

Fixes and Improvements

  • Scrolling through presets for GL Transitions now works properly
  • Black Bar Fill displays as expected on 5000 series AMD GPUs
  • Fixed issues in Hue vs. Hue color curve for graphs jumping unexpectedly
  • Sorting issues in the Hub Explorer fixed
  • Fixed crash in File Explorer which occasionally occurs when RED media is in the current directory
  • Various improvements and fixes to the color curves
  • Fixed crash which could happen during peak building
  • Fixed issue with Media FX occasionally causing preview and render errors
  • Style Transfer presets now work properly when custom style mode is active
  • Malformed 608 Closed Caption commands no longer cause a render crash
  • Fixes and improvements to Paste Attributes functionality
  • Fixed crash which will occur when rendering to ProRes and the "Allow source to adjust frame size" custom template option is used
  • Change to help prevent a hang on shut down caused by some GPU drivers
  • Fixed issue which caused an occasional hang during playback
  • Picture-in-Picture effect now runs faster on Intel GPUs
  • When importing multiple files at once, all the files are now selected after the import in the Project Media window
  • Preference put in place to turn off and on 32-bit VST support
  • EXR files now appear properly in the Explorer window and Import Media window
  • Upgrade to VST engine
  • Faster custom Style Transfer engine
  • Fixed crash which may occur when the batch render script is executed.
  • Fixed issues with render that are created was 360 media
  • Mouse wheel adjustments made in the color grading panel are now always applied to the proper control
  • Fixed crash on startup when the VST Plugin Scanner is run
  • Add Folder to Timeline option in the Explorer window now works as expected
  • Interface color options in the preferences dialog now have swatches that accurately reflect the color schemes
  • Fix problem where BCC+ plugins would not work as expected
  • New more accurate algorithm for applying color grading to 32 bit projects.
  • Added missing ability to select specific FX in the Selectively Paste Attributes dialog
  • Added a menu item to launch the hardware detection utility
  • Improve the performance of the project collections in VEGAS Hub
  • Fixed crash which may occur after adding an OGG file
  • Fixed undo buffer issue when a project is closed
  • Improved performance of AI plugins
  • Fixed problem with hardware decoding of GoPro and DJI files

Known issues

  • Some issues with the window layout may occur when launching this update for the first time. To resolve, you may need to reset your window layout.
  • Users will not be prompted to update the Deep Learning Models. This must be done manually by downloading the installer for the Deep Learning Models from the VEGAS Creative Software website. 


Deep Learning Models 20.2

  • More performant Colorization model (for CPU and GPU)
  • New Custom Style Transfer model (better results, faster execution, lower memory consumption)
  • More performant and accurate Style Transfer Models (GPU only)
  • More performant and smooth Upscaler models (GPU only)