VEGAS Pro 20 Build 326

VEGAS_CommunityManager wrote on 1/23/2023, 8:07 AM

Hello everyone,

The VEGAS team is excited to announce the release of a new update for VEGAS Pro 20, build 326. We have some exciting new features available and a long list of bug fixes which are all listed below.

You may download this update via the auto-update mechanism within the application or directly via the links below:

Please post comments on this update in the general thread in the VEGAS forum or create a separate thread for specific issues you may encounter.

Warm regards,

The VEGAS Creative Software team


VEGAS Pro 20 Build 326


  • New AI engine
  • VST3 support (full release)
  • Hover Scrub bypass
  • UX Improvements for File Drop workflow
  • Flemish option in Text to Speech
  • New Newsfeed Mechanism
  • Higher quality audio output for Text-to-Speech
  • Add or replace plug-ins in an FX chain
  • Hue vs Luminance color curve
  • Saturation vs Luminance
  • Luminance vs Saturation
  • Picture-in-Picture plugin enhancements
  • Language support: Brazilian Portuguese
  • Smart Mask (beta)
  • Welcome screen
  • Animation control over individual Bézier mask points
  • Indicator of active Auto Ripple Edit mode


Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed a crash which may occur when reading HEVC files 
  • Fixed an issue during the Paste Attributes function when overwriting current event settings 
  • Audio effects window auto resizing now works as expected 
  • The preference to disable auto resizing of audio effects now works as expected 
  • Resolved an issue that could cause the application to lock up during motion tracking 
  • Turning off the 32-bit VST support preference now properly clears out plugins 
  • Auto Update for the Deep Learning Modules now works as expected 
  • Progress bar and the time remaining fields in the Render Progress dialog now work correctly for all formats 
  • SetResampleMode in VideoEvent object of the scripting API now works properly  
  • Improved resolution when zooming in the Video Preview window 
  • Resolved some zoom drawing issues in the Video Preview window 
  • Grids and Safe Areas overlays now behave correctly while zooming the Video Preview 
  • Fixed crash when using Motion Blur with some AMD GPUs 
  • Fixed crash which could occur when using the Warp Flow effect 
  • Eliminated unexpected results of using the scroll wheel over the Video Preview window when VEGAS is not the application currently in focus 
  • File explorer no longer accidentally interprets a double click on a folder or file as a rename operation 
  • Keyboard shortcuts no longer conflict between Smart Tags and Preview Zoom features 
  • Resolved an issue where window layouts would not properly persist upon relaunching VEGAS with more than two or three application extensions  
  • Fixed Parallelogram mode in the Picture-in-Picture effect  
  • VEGAS now automatically detects Nahimic service and sets the WPF GPU preference to avoid UI corruption 
  • Render template for HEIC image sequence now properly named 
  • Fixed issue where the auto-update feature was not able to see some GPUs 
  • Fixed problem where the Color Grading panel may open at an effect level labeled “None” 
  • Motion Tracking panel no longer crashes on an empty event 
  • Fixed Driver Update utility so that it accurately works for customers using EnglishThe combination of a Bézier point and linear point no longer creates an invalid curve shape on the FX animation timeline 
  • Files rendered as ProRes now properly report as VBR 
  • VEGAS no longer crashes when rendering using the MainConcept MPEG-1 VCD PAL template with no video frames present. 
  • Duplicate events are no longer created when dragging media to the timeline from the details view of the Project Media window 
  • Fixed a crash which may occur when generating thumbnails for WMV media 
  • Resolved an issue that could cause problems when you apply the Slow Motion plugin or the Warp Flow transition 
  • Updated many message boxes to reflect the UI color scheme 
  • Upscale effect now is place automatically before Pan/Crop in the FX chain 
  • The Color Grading plugin no longer is accidentally added to events while the user is not in color grading mode 
  • The Color Grading panel is no longer active when attached to the track level and no track is selected 
  • The Render Progress dialog now properly reports the free disk space value when doing a pre-render 
  • MXF renders properly embed the writing application in the metadata for the media 

Known issues

  • The Aerial and Drone category in VEGAS Content provides no results 

Deep Learning Models 20.4

  • switch to ONNX format
  • 2 more style transfer models (Munch - Scream, Simpsons)
  • mask generation model