VEGAS Pro 20 Build 326 Crash when using Magix AVC render

TVJohn wrote on 1/25/2023, 9:54 PM

TVJohn wrote on 1/25/2023, 2:31 PM
Just updated 20 to latest build. Been using virtually all versions of Vegas since 13. Crashes 3 minutes into render, never had a Vegas crash before. 19 works fine with same render settings

TVJohn wrote on 1/25/2023, 3:15 PM
Initiated a 20 minute timeline render as Magix AVC 720p. Vegas 19 worked and rendered the exact project and render as without issue.

TVJohn wrote on 1/25/2023, 4:07 PM
Appears to be the Magix AVC encoder only on the latest V20 build, The Sony AVC encoder works.

Computer has been dead reliable running Vegas13 through current, Avid Media Composer through V22.12, DVD Architect 6.

Vegas has never crashed before even with 3+ hour timelines. I will likely revert to the previous Vegas 20 build.

I usually work with XDcam 1920x1080 30p from Sony EXR-3, these files were H264 from analogue capture, timeline set to match source files 720x480 x 32 bit progressive 29.975 frame rate.


fr0sty wrote on 1/25/2023, 10:13 PM

timeline set to match source files 720x480 x 32 bit progressive 29.975 frame rate.

One suggestion while we sort out the cause of this, you want to be sure to use 8 bit, not 32 bit... your source video is 8 bit (32 bit total, 8 bits per primary), so you're not doing anything but making the system edit slower by running it in 32 bit floating point mode. You'd want that if your media was 10 bits per primary or higher.


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Dylan-Brecka wrote on 2/6/2023, 7:47 AM

I am having this same issue as well its a 10 hour video that will not render. I have tried countless times sometimes it stops at 30%, 50% or the last 81%.

Problem Description:

Application Name: Vegas Pro

Application Version: Version 20.0 (Build 326)

Fault Process Details

Process Path: C:\PRogram Files\VEGAS\VEGAS Pro 20.0\vegas200.exe

Process Version: Version 20.0 (Build 326)

Process Description: Vegas Pro

Process Image Date: 2023-01-16 (Mon Jan 16) 22:03:24

j-v wrote on 2/6/2023, 9:46 AM

It is better to start your own thread in a new post.

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