VEGAS Pro 20 Build 402/403

VEGAS_CommunityManager wrote on 5/2/2023, 8:09 AM

Hello everyone,

The VEGAS team is excited to announce the release of a new update for VEGAS Pro 20, build 403. This is a major update which contains bug fixes and some new features.

***Important: there was an unexpected conflict that causes all builds of VEGAS Pro 20 earlier than build 403 to fail at startup. We've already fixed this for VEGAS Pro 20 and you should download and install build 403. ***

You may download this update via the auto-update mechanism within the application or directly via the links below:

VEGAS Pro 20 Build 403:

Deep Learning Models 20.5:

You may download descriptions and help documentation for the new features from here.

Please post comments on this update in the general thread in the VEGAS forum or create a separate thread for specific issues you may encounter.

Warm regards,

The VEGAS Creative Software team


VEGAS Pro 20 Build 403

New Features:  

  • Multiple Smart Masks 
  • Smart Mask generated shape improvements 
  • Transfer Text properties 
  • Window docking improvements 
  • Select a device for RAW processing 
  • RAW processing with CUDA 
  • Improvements to the Welcome screen 
  • New Sharp Model for Upscale plugin 
  • Support for Mocha shape data 


Bug Fixes: 

  • Fixed incorrect interpretation of some parameters for certain Boris effects 
  • Aspect ratio handling in the Picture-in-Picture plugin now works as expected 
  • Swap Video Files functionality is now available in the Brazilian Portuguese version of VEGAS Pro 
  • Fixed a code issue which may cause a crash when loading the still image plug-in 
  • Closing the Bezier Mask window now properly exits edit mode 
  • Smart Mask is now properly listed as an AI effect 
  • The Record Time indicator in the status bar now properly displays very large values 
  • A Display Preference now enables the user to see CPU, Memory, and Disk usage values during playback 
  • The Welcome screen’s Open Existing Project button now remembers the location of the previous project opened 
  • Upscale OFX now works properly the first time is it added to an event from the Plug-in Chooser 
  • Fixed glitches in the Picture-in-Picture plugin when scaling 
  • Fixed focus issues for controls in the Color Grading panel 
  • Timeline size is properly set when opening a project 
  • Keyframes are no longer accidentally created 
  • Fixed an undo buffer error when using Smart Mask and Bezier Mask 
  • When adding media to timeline via Windows Explorer, VEGAS will now appropriately match the media and project settings 
  • Style Transfer no longer fails on some NVidia GPUs 
  • Can now deselect one or more items in the Explorer window after a Select All command through Ctrl+A 
  • The Tags box in the Project Media window now properly displays text 
  • Fixed a crash which may occur when removing Track FX 
  • Improved modeling for Colorization FX 
  • Selectively Past Attributes no longer incorrectly copies Crop FX parameters 
  • Fixed an issue which could cause a crash on startup 
  • Properly read spherical metadata in files which contain it 
  • Hub Explorer buttons remain visible even when collections have long names 
  • Fixed a problem which caused some VST plugins to hang or crash the application