Vegas Pro 20 new install/update error

Wiew wrote on 3/22/2023, 11:44 AM

Install can't find the path , not the install update in Vegas , not if I use the download link.

I tried to find the file , but it is not in the the mgxh5o4 .... folder in the app data local temp

Windows 11 over here

I tried uninstall got an error

Deleted all the files

When I try to install the download (645mb)

it unpacks starts to install and stops because it can't find the file VEGAS_Pro_20_setup_x64.ms_ in the map





Wiew wrote on 3/22/2023, 12:10 PM

Ok , got a tip from Reyfox to use Revo uninstaller to clean up everything from Vegas

That did the trick, I could install Vegas without any problem

Reyfox wrote on 3/22/2023, 1:27 PM

I initially tried to update from within Vegas. When it started, it stayed at "1" never progressing. No activity in Task Manager. It just sat there. I tried clicking Cancel, and that didn't work either. Finally End Task in Task Manager.

I could not uninstall via Windows or reinstall over B326. Error windows kept popping up. Using Revo Uninstaller Pro, although it couldn't "uninstall" Vegas, it could remove all the registry entries and folders Vegas related. Once done, I was able to install with the link for Build 370 in the Forum. Yeah... I had to "rebuild" everything again... putting scripts in the folders, windows within Vegas, VST's, etc., but back to "normal" now.

I would suggest people to not update from within Vegas, but uninstall, then download and install the full build.