Vegas Pro 6 crashing all of a sudden and often

lofreequency wrote on 8/1/2009, 1:31 PM
I sent this to technical support too, but thought I'd post this here too in case anyone has any ideas...much appreciated. :)

I'm working on a video that incorporates multiple video clips (x264), still photos(jpegs) and music (mp3s). I'm almost to the end of this project which is about 45 minutes long. All of a sudden Vegas crashes when it gets to some of the photos while previewing the project. Also, when I was adding "pan and scan" to some photos the preview would come up all red, then when I played that photo Vegas crashed. Actually, thjs was the first crash incident . Things were working fine then boom.

Here's the crash report and the error message.

"ERROR: The instruction at "0x7c910f1e" referenced memory at "0xffafafaf". The memory could not be "read".


Sony Vegas 6.0
Version 6.0d (Build 210)
Exception 0xC0000005 (access violation) READ:0xFFAFAFAF IP:0x7C910F1E
In Module 'ntdll.dll' at Address 0x7C900000 + 0x10F1E
Thread: GUI ID=0x4F4 Stack=0xD5000-0x130000
EAX=ffacacac CS=001b EIP=7c910f1e EFLGS=00010297
EBX=00140000 SS=0023 ESP=000d5244 EBP=000d5464
ECX=ffafafaf DS=0023 ESI=0d002600 FS=003b
EDX=0d002608 ES=0023 EDI=000000c4 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
7C910F1E: 8B 39 3B 78 04 0F 85 C3 .9;x....
7C910F26: 5B 02 00 3B FA 0F 85 BB [..;....
Stack Dump:
000D5244: 00000000
000D5248: 7FFDE1B4 7FFDE000 + 1B4
000D524C: 000D54B0 00030000 + A54B0
000D5250: 7E44048F 7E410000 + 3048F (USER32.dll)
000D5254: 7E428D90 7E410000 + 18D90 (USER32.dll)
000D5258: FFFFFFFF
000D525C: 7E428D8B 7E410000 + 18D8B (USER32.dll)
000D5260: 773F9964 773D0000 + 29964 (COMCTL32.dll)
000D5264: 00030612 00030000 + 612
000D5268: 00000018
000D526C: 00000001
000D5270: 00000000
000D5274: 000D535C 00030000 + A535C
000D5278: 773F8EB4 773D0000 + 28EB4 (COMCTL32.dll)
000D527C: 773F99C0 773D0000 + 299C0 (COMCTL32.dll)
000D5280: 7E418B26 7E410000 + 8B26 (USER32.dll)
> 000D5294: 0107DBD0 01000000 + 7DBD0 (vegas60k.dll)
000D5298: 000D52D0 00030000 + A52D0
> 000D529C: 7E4188D1 7E410000 + 88D1 (USER32.dll)
000D52A0: 00000000
000D52A4: 00030612 00030000 + 612
> 000D52B0: 0107DBD0 01000000 + 7DBD0 (vegas60k.dll)
000D52B4: 00030608 00030000 + 608
000D52B8: 000D52AC 00030000 + A52AC
000D52BC: 7FFDE000 7FFDE000 + 0
000D52C0: 000D5384 00030000 + A5384
> 000D52C4: 7E44048F 7E410000 + 3048F (USER32.dll)
> 000D52C8: 7E4188E0 7E410000 + 88E0 (USER32.dll)
> 000D52D4: 773F8EB4 773D0000 + 28EB4 (COMCTL32.dll)
> 000D52DC: 0107DBD0 01000000 + 7DBD0 (vegas60k.dll)
000D52E0: 000D5364 00030000 + A5364
> 000D52E4: 0107DBD0 01000000 + 7DBD0 (vegas60k.dll)
000D52E8: 000D5328 00030000 + A5328
000D52EC: 00000000
000D52F0: 00009B0E
000D52F4: 000D5320 00030000 + A5320
> 000D52F8: 7E418734 7E410000 + 8734 (USER32.dll)
> 000D530C: 773F8EB4 773D0000 + 28EB4 (COMCTL32.dll)
> 000D531C: 773F8EB4 773D0000 + 28EB4 (COMCTL32.dll)
> 000D5324: 7E418816 7E410000 + 8816 (USER32.dll)
> 000D5330: 7E41885A 7E410000 + 885A (USER32.dll)
> 000D5338: 7E41882A 7E410000 + 882A (USER32.dll)
> 000D537C: 7E44048F 7E410000 + 3048F (USER32.dll)
> 000D5380: 7E418830 7E410000 + 8830 (USER32.dll)
> 000D5388: 7E41882A 7E410000 + 882A (USER32.dll)
> 000D538C: 7E428EA0 7E410000 + 18EA0 (USER32.dll)
> 000D5394: 773F8EB4 773D0000 + 28EB4 (COMCTL32.dll)
> 000D53AC: 7E428EAB 7E410000 + 18EAB (USER32.dll)
> 000D53D0: 7E44048F 7E410000 + 3048F (USER32.dll)
> 000D53D4: 7E428EB0 7E410000 + 18EB0 (USER32.dll)
> 000D53DC: 7E428EAB 7E410000 + 18EAB (USER32.dll)
> 000D53E0: 7E428EEC 7E410000 + 18EEC (USER32.dll)
> 000D53F0: 7E428EFC 7E410000 + 18EFC (USER32.dll)
> 000D5408: 7C90E473 7C900000 + E473 (ntdll.dll)
> 000D5458: 7C90E920 7C900000 + E920 (ntdll.dll)
> 000D545C: 7C9101E0 7C900000 + 101E0 (ntdll.dll)
> 000D5468: 7C9177B0 7C900000 + 177B0 (ntdll.dll)
> 000D5488: 7C9176CF 7C900000 + 176CF (ntdll.dll)
> 000D54A8: 7C91782E 7C900000 + 1782E (ntdll.dll)
> 000D54C0: 7C80A701 7C800000 + A701 (kernel32.dll)
> 000D54D4: 004084D0 00400000 + 84D0 (vegas60.exe)
000D54D8: 00142FF8 00140000 + 2FF8
000D54DC: 000D54FC 00030000 + A54FC
000D54E0: 000D5580 00030000 + A5580
000D54E4: 00000000
> 000D54E8: 0041FD4C 00400000 + 1FD4C (vegas60.exe)
- - -
0012FFF0: 00000000
0012FFF4: 00000000
0012FFF8: 00890D1C 00400000 + 490D1C (vegas60.exe)
0012FFFC: 00000000

Thanks, Steve


xberk wrote on 8/1/2009, 4:41 PM
If other projects preview without a problem, then sounds like some bad media in the project in question. I'd divide the project up and try to locate the part that is causing the problem -- then narrow that down to the media that's causing the trouble. Could be any event (including audio) that's causing it to crash.

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goshep wrote on 8/1/2009, 4:50 PM
It has been a while but I recall Vegas 6 having a limit on the size of stills used. Going over that limit causes problems. Perhaps you have something like that on the timeline?
lofreequency wrote on 8/1/2009, 4:52 PM

I have a feeling the photos I'm using are too big. I just got a Canon XSi and this is the first project using the pics from that 12.1 MP camera. I tried playing the project through from the beginning and photos that played fine earlier are now showing up red in the project. Then previewing certain parts when a photo section starts playing Vegas crashed.\\s. It seems to only happen with photos. I did create a new project in Vegas Movie Studio 9 (checking out the demo) and the photos I thought were suspect, play just fine.

Guess I'm going to try resizing all the pics. I'm upping the dynamic RAM in the project too.
lofreequency wrote on 8/1/2009, 4:55 PM
Goshep I didn't see your reply before I posted, but I think you are correct there. Is there a way to tell what the limit is?

Also is there an easy way to swap out the old large pics with new smaller ones without having to redo all the editing I've already done to the originals?
lofreequency wrote on 8/1/2009, 5:44 PM
Yes! It was the photos. With Vegas closed I batch re-sized them all and I swapped out the old/large files with the new/smaller ones. Re-opened the project. Everything's playing back great now.

Thanks, folks! :)