Vegas Pro POST Subscription Option?

IAM4UK wrote on 5/16/2024, 8:37 AM

I have a license for VP POST version 21, and am considering whether I might switch to subscription the next time a major version to which I would upgrade is released. The primary differences that interest me in POST versus SUITE are Sound Forge PRO (I use that program as much as I use Vegas), and Vegas Effects; I have no interest in Vegas Image, but it's not bothersome.

I looked at the Magix website for Vegas Pro options, and found perpetual licenses for purchase and upgrade for EDIT, SUITE, and POST, but the only subscription options were for EDIT and SUITE. Did I miss something? Also, I'm not generally a subscription fan, but I have been upgrading Vegas Pro and Sound Forge Pro since single-digit version numbers in the Sonic Foundry days, so I suppose I'm already a kind of subscriber for this editing ecosystem. If anyone would care to advise me about sticking with "perpetual" licenses or moving to subscription, feel free to opine.


Reyfox wrote on 5/17/2024, 8:01 AM

I too am seeing the same thing. The advantage of the subscription was the updates and additional HUB content. Now, I too see only Edit and Suite with a subscription option. Maybe there will be a change in Post?

VEGASDerek wrote on 5/17/2024, 10:27 AM

VEGAS Post is now only available with a perpetual license.

fr0sty wrote on 5/17/2024, 10:41 AM

Perpetual licenses now come with Hub content as well (at least for a period of time, I'm guessing a year, then you have to buy more years from there).



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