vegas pro unmanaged exception vegas180k.dll

Irimia-CorneliuIonut wrote on 8/31/2023, 10:04 AM

Hello Everyone! I have a problem with this error vegas pro unmanaged exception vegas180k.dll. When I try to rendering a video my vegas crashed.

I Have version 18 latest, I use sapphire continuuum and universe for editing.

When I try rendering with other option not working, vegas give to me a error occured with not exist project.....


I have a laptop HP Pavillion 15dk with two graphics cards : Nvidia GTX 1650 and Intel UHD Graphics 630 , procesor i5 2,6ghz maybe but in turbo mode is 3ghz or 4.


I Try to watch for options vegas from youtube but nothing, I reinstall vegas without results. I deleted vegas180k.dll and after not working vegas, I put vegas180k.dll in folder vegas work... Oh when I render my laptop make reseting with effect when pressing ctrl +windows + shift and b.... This problem is from plugins or vegas? because I worked with vegas and this plugin in future and work, after updated windows and nvidia drive stopped my projects


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