Vegas project generator for bit faster workflow

Erkki wrote on 1/7/2023, 7:47 AM


I developed small Python + Windows cmd application that makes my workflow bit faster.

Lets assume that

  1. User has one project root directory where all Vegas projects are stored.
  2. Media clips related to project are stored inside project directory. Project directory is under project root directory.
  3. Media clips are imported from removable media such as SD cards for example.

Creating new project requires user to:

  1. Create new project directory under project storage root.
  2. Create vegas project file (.veg) into it
  3. Create subfolder for clips under project directory.
  4. Copy medias from sd cards to clips directory.

--> Many mouse clicks, rename operations and file copies.


Vegas video project generator.

  • Asks project name. Once received it will
    • Create video project to user definable projects directory.
    • Directory name contains project number and project name,
      • Copy template project content into it
        • Template project has media import script that copies files from all removable medias.
        • Template project has media export script that copies projects results to desired locations (Onedrive for example).
      • Create Vegas .veg file that has project name.

Code repository: